Last day to conclude an agreement for a time deposit from a Spanish bank with an annual rate of 3.50%.

A lot of Spanish banks have joined the launch of new deposits with attractive rewards in their expiration date campaigns. Are Stock are carried out either to popularize the enterprise, increase the portfolio clients or be able to sell other products that may be less attractive.

This bank is increasing the yield on its time deposits and tops the list of those who pay the most per year.

The deadline for a three-month fixed deposit is this Saturday. MyInvestor. So, for those who are interested in creating their own money They only have a few hours left to purchase the goods.

With this MyInvestor deposit you can receive Yield 3.5% per annumHowever, this reward requires some connections. The client can conclude this percentage in exchange for concluding an automated portfolio of at least 150 euros. If the user does not wish to enter into an agreement related product The annual interest rate on the deposit will be 3%, the same percentage that the company offers on its six- and 12-month deposits.

These time deposits earn more money than three- and nine-month Treasury bills.

MyInvestor previously offered this term deposit, however until May 15 the reward offered was 4%.

Other time deposits ending June 2024.

Other investment products can be found on the Spanish banking market. low risk with very high returns. In fact, there are options with rates of 4% per annum, which exceed the fees you can find at other domestic or foreign banks. However, these are special promotions that tend to stand out by their hiring deadline.

Treasury bills: This is the money earned by investing €10,000.

This is the case of Setelema. The organization offers 4% per annum on a three-month deposit only until June 30th. As stated on the bank’s website, the organization pays out any amount of money, so the interested party can make a deposit regardless of whether they have smaller or larger savings. Typically the limits for these products range from 10,000 to 100,000 euros.

Mediolanum also offers 4% per annum, but in this case the period increases to six months. The product will be available until June 30 and, although the period for which the money is paid is double, the bank does not allow you to invest any amount of money, but sets a minimum payout amount of 10,000 euros and maximum 50,000 euros.

Key strategy: Pay less interest on your mortgage if you have money saved.

Another offer that will become unavailable at the end of the month will be the Pibank twelve-month deposit, the annual rate of which is 3.14%. With this product, the organization allows you to make a deposit any amount of money.

When the expiration date arrives, some of these deposits may still be available, but at different interest rates offered.

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