LAST MINUTE of the Matanzas fire: A Mexican-flagged firefighting ship arrives in the Matanzas Bay

The Unprecedented fire at the Supertanker Base in Matanzas, Cuba, remains unstoppable since it was unleashed on Friday night. With a fourth tank on fire, the fire keeps in check some already exhausted specialized forces in extinction, such as Miguel Díaz-Canel himself admitted in another meeting on Monday.

Authorities reported on Monday night that there are 14 and not 17 missing after the explosion of the second tank in the early hours of Saturday and that at this time in the province there are 904 people evacuated in state institutions and 3,840 in the homes of relatives and friends.

The violent fire, triggered by the impact of lightning on tank 52, has also left more than 120 injured so far, and only one deceased recognized by the Government, the 60-year-old firefighter Juan Carlos Santana Garrido.

Follow in this space of DIARIO DE CUBA all the details of this serious eventwhich the authorities have described as an accident.

A Mexican-flagged firefighting ship arrives in the Bay of Matanzas

The Cuban News Agency reports that at 8:48 AM the Bourbon Artabaze ship, used against fires, entered the Matanzas Bay.

“It is an offshore supply vessel that was built 12 years ago and sails under the Mexican flag,” he said.

Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Power Plant in startup process

The Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Power Plant is in the start-up process and at the end of the morning it will be integrated into the National Electroenergetic System, official spokesperson Humberto López reported on his Facebook profile.

Around 1:00 PM on Monday, Antonio Guiteras went out of operations due to a water deficit as a result of the fire in the industrial zone, according to the Electric Union.

The Chinese Red Cross donates funds to Cuba to fight the fire

The Red Cross Society of China donated 150,000 dollars to its counterpart in Cuba to support the rescue and recovery from the large-scale fire that has affected the province of Matanzas since Friday.

That entity detailed on its website that it is humanitarian assistance. Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told the official Prensa Latina on Monday that China would provide humanitarian aid to Cuba through its Red Cross Society.

The state-owned Aguas Varadero denies the contamination of its supply sources

The Aguas Varadero supply source said in a statement on its official Facebook profile that its waters are not contaminated and the water supply to the population will not be stopped.

“Since the fire in the Industrial Zone of Matanzas and the resulting column of smoke, which could cause the so-called acid rains, the rumor is circulating among the population residing in Varadero and Santa Marta that the Varadero Water Supply Sources could become contaminated. and the water supply to the population would have to be stopped. This is totally false,” he said.

“The Field of Wells from which our aqueduct is supplied is considerably far from the accident area. Our Supply Sources are underground. The water that is extracted is constantly chlorinated and its quality is verified at the outlet of the Distribution Center,” he added. the note.

“Any situation with the water supply is reported immediately by our company through the mass media and without generating verbal comments. It is also clarified: The shutdown of the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Power Plant does not affect the capacity of extraction, conduction and water supply of our company that has Emergency Generator Sets to maintain the vitality of the service”, he concluded.

The bomb brought from Venezuela is still in preparation

Susely Morfa, president of the Matanzas Defense Council and first secretary of the Communist Party in that province, reported at Monday’s Round Table that “the efforts” by technicians and workers to start up a bomb that was brought from Venezuela continue. .

“It has a high flow rate and will be used to mitigate the oil spill so as not to cause fires and not endanger not only the facilities, but also people’s lives,” he said.

The pump is being installed with joint work between Mexicans and Venezuelans, in their single work team, seeking integration of knowledge. “It will have much more pressure and capacity to put out the fire.”

14 missing

On the issue of missing persons, Morfa said that “it is a very delicate and sensitive situation with the families” in a statement in which he reversed the initial figure handled.

“At the beginning there were 17 missing. After the explosion a search began and two people appeared in hospitals and finally it is reported that there are 14 missing, he said, without specifying who they are, where they were and in what conditions.

He also said that “there is a commission that accompanies and keeps the relatives of the disappeared informed.”

Neighborhood near the catastrophe without danger, according to the authorities

In Versailles so far there is no danger, according to the Girón newspaper. “The Provincial Defense Council is activated and there are several groups and subgroups and one of them is dedicated to civil defense and the security of the people. Together with CITMA, it reviews all the parameters and risks that may be occurring,” the report added. .

At the moment in the province there are 904 people evacuated in state institutions and 3,840 people evacuated in the homes of relatives and friends. They are from the Livestock communities, which is just behind the tanks and Dubroq, which is the closest to the industrial zone.

22 people admitted

The Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) said that at the close of 7:00 p.m. on Monday, a total of 22 patients are hospitalized, five of them in critical condition, two are reported in serious condition and 15 in care.

The MINSAP registers 125 people treated so far in health centers, 103 already discharged.

One of the worst days of electricity generation in recent months

The Electric Union reported that the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTE) will begin its startup in the next few hours and they expect its synchronization at 7:00 AM this Tuesday, collected the Facebook profile of the Government of Matanzas.

“The transfer of water for its start-up has been guaranteed. Unit 5 of Nuevitas has a boiler on and they intend to synchronize it in the next few hours. Unit 5 of Renté will carry out a hydraulic test tomorrow and its synchronization is estimated during the course of the day” , added the report offered by Lázaro Guerra Hernández, technical director of the UNE.

He described Monday night, with damage to the electrical service in Cuba above 1,000 MW, as “one of the worst days of electricity generation in recent months” and affirmed that condition should improve for the hours of maximum demand. on Tuesday.

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