L’astuce incontournable Anne Hathaway for levres plus pulpeus (et elle ne coûte rien)

C’est un fait: les Lèvres ont Tendance à s’afiner en vieillissant. To measure our progress as we age, our production of collagen and elastin, two components that maintain and hydrate the skin. Gradually this lower part lost volume. This phenomenon is especially noticeable at light level, where the floor is three layers thick.
There are all solutions to limit this phenomenon. Actress Anne Hathaway is on her TikTok page.
This is a little LipTok tip that Anne Hathaway told her fans. In place of TikTok, this is lip current“, renchérit son of hairdresser Adir Abergel.”Oh no, ils sont jeunes, ils comprennent“, answered the actress on sour cream.

Une épingle à cheveux pour faire circuler le sang

Anne Hathaway’s trick is to use… une épingle à cheveux. Oui, have a good time! The actress edits a video showing the location of the stimulator. “J’ai en quelque sorte stimulated me to essayist de fair circulate un de sang and the whole world respects me as I did when I communicated three times“.

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The girl-woman uses the extreme points on her neck to pour a mass of water onto the levre. Most of all, she wanted the movement to be effective and soulful. “Security alert: vous risk de pousser trop fort. It’s a double gesture and you won’t have to do anything for more than 30 seconds. Ne vous poignardez pas. Si vous avez fait couler du sang, vous êtes there trop loin. This is not the vampire from LipTok. It is just a little person who has decided to reveal your excellent light.“.

Misez sur des products, enriched with collagen

When you return to encore plus beauties, you can also use baumes with formulas in your collage. Crayon à lèvres, blushes and glosses for memes, some of them are deodorizing products enriched with chemical extracts (collagen or hyaluronic acid). L’avantage? It is useful to combine ridicule in regenerating skin cells, slowing down the aging process in the body and moisturizing the skin and helping it fight natural factors of life (tobacco, alcohol, pollution, etc.).

Collagen also helps restore skin tissue (and lipstick) in four new products, such as Peau des Protéines essentielles, which are present in the original fixture, but less than for a long time.

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