Late Changes to Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse

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In the most recent issue of Empire magazine, oscar isaac and Hailee Steinfeld talk about some interesting details of Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiversewhere they voice Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Gwen, respectively.

In the conversation, Isaac explained that it helps that many of these characters are masked, so dialogue can be changed down to the last second. Also, he talked about how much fun it has been working on the film because of the huge amount of experimentation.

When asked if there were many last-minute changes, Isaac replied:

Yes. It helps that many of these characters are masked, so you can keep changing phrases until the last second. For something as seemingly rigid as animation, the amount of experimentation we had to do was really fun. His way of working is a beautiful combination of finding pathos and humor, but also making fun of it and being willing to try anything.

Steinfeld said that watching this process of changing things at the last second, you have a great time, adding that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are very perfectionists.

You have the best time. Watching Lord and Miller do their thing is a spectacle in itself. It’s amazing to see them make things up in the moment, making it more fun, more emotional, more grounded. You’ll walk into a recording session, like, ‘This movie comes out in a couple of weeks, guys. What are we doing here?’. But every time you go out, you feel like an improvement has been made. They are very perfectionists. I really admire that.

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