Latent possibility that Juan Carlos Osorio directs in Mexico

ESPN knows that the Colombian has an offer at the Braves table; we offer you other possible options

The possibility that the Colombian coach, Juan Carlos Osoriolead again in Mexican soccer is latent according to people close to the former coach of the Mexico National Team in the past Russia World Cup 2018who entrusted this news to ESPN.

A few days ago from Colombia it was stated that the coffee strategist would go to Mexico to talk and link up with a Liga MX club. The journalist Luis Arturo Henao assured on his twitter account that a Mexican club is interested in his services.

Similarly, the communicator informed in his post that former player Alexis Henríquez, one of the great icons of Atlético Nacional, would be his next technical assistant. There is even talk that there would already be a pre-agreement, where some terms were established to sign the contract.

This site is in the power of assuring that Osorio indeed has the possibility of landing in Mexico, since it is an option that he is considering and it was also possible to confirm that a team that called him is the Braves of Ciudad Juárez. The point is that due to confidentiality issues it will be very difficult for someone to reveal the possibility of Osorio leading the club, so in ESPN We took on the task of presenting you the latent options in the Mexican market for the coffee strategist.

Ciudad Juarez Braves

So far it has not been officially announced who will be the replacement for RIcardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti in Braves of Ciudad Juarez. It is speculated that Rafael Puente Jr.., former assistant to the Brazilian, is a viable option, however, so far it has not been revealed whether or not Puente is the coach of the border team. Budget exists, since Ferretti is not an economic coach and even the team had just convinced him to stay another season. In social networks, the rumor is already running that Osorio is nowhere near signing with the team, but this version, until now, has not been corroborated, but the rumor is running strong.

America has not ratified Fernando Ortiz

Although the interim coach, Ferdinand Ortizmiraculously led the Eagles to fourth place overall, Santiago Bathsthe team’s sports director, has not confirmed that he will be the azulcrema strategist next season.

It is new to no one Bathrooms has a great relationship with osorioafter he worked with him on the Russia World Cup 2018. There the manager had the opportunity to learn about his philosophy and work methodology, so Santiago knows well the scope of the Colombian in every way.

It should also be remembered that America did not deny at the time the possibility of hiring osorioafter the cessation of Santiago Solari. In interview with Alvaro MoralesSantiago jokingly assured that if ‘Tano’ won the title, he would ensure its continuity.

Chivas hasn’t talked to Cadena either.

Last night on the Futbol Picante program, the interim coach, Rciardo Cadena, assured ESPN that the red-and-white board, headed by its sports director, Ricardo Pelaezhas not spoken with him to find him to stay as coach next season.

The Chivas interim even accepted that he knew of his condition and is aware that this place may not be his for the next season. Perhaps, as in the case of Fernando Ortiz, Everything will depend on the performance of the team in Liguilla, despite the fact that it has five games won and has a great communion with the fans of the Sacred Flock. Chivas has also raised interest in Osorio at the time, which, contrary to his last experience in America de Cali, did not go well for him.

other clubs

Other groups that do not have a coach is the Lionafter the output of Ariel Holan. So far it is unknown if the Esmeraldas will look for a strategist with the characteristics of the South American.

In the case of Santos, Eduardo Fentanes, After his great work, he had not been ratified until this Tuesday morning, before he was one more possibility in the deck of clubs if confirmed strategists.

In this way, the chances that the former technician of the Tri come to Mexico are possible and surely in the next few hours or weeks the strategist’s option to take on a national team could be revealed. The truth is osorio yes it has a very interesting offer and braves is one of those teams that asked for their services.

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