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Top Russian Military Blogger Warns Apathy Will Lead To More ‘Tragedies’ In Ukraine

Workers remove rubble from a destroyed building in Makiivka on January 3. (Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters)

Continuing his criticism of Russia’s authorities, a leading Russian military blogger has warned that apathy on the battlefield will lead to more “tragedies,” such as the dozens and perhaps hundreds of Russian soldiers killed in an attack on occupied Makiivka during the Weekend.

Semyon Pegov, who blogs under the alias WarGonzo, said: “If you ask me personally what is the most dangerous thing in war, I will answer unequivocally: apathy.”

“After ten months of the special military operation, it should be clear to even the most notoriously lazy: this war cannot be won by chance,” he said.

Since the invasion began in February, Moscow has referred to the war as a “special military operation.”

“It’s time we stopped ‘do not bother.’ We see the tragedies that this entails. And we’ve seen it before,” Pegov continued.

This was his second lengthy post on Wednesday reflecting on an apparent Ukrainian attack this weekend, which the Russian Defense Ministry has admitted killed 89 soldiers, one of the most devastating single incidents for Moscow since its invasion.

In an earlier post on Wednesday, Pegov said the lists of missing are “significantly longer” than what officials have already acknowledged. Ukrainian authorities have claimed that up to 400 Russian soldiers were killed and 300 wounded.

Russian President Vladimir Putin personally awarded Pegov the Order of Valor at the Kremlin on December 20.

Early Wednesday, Pegov warned that the “only cure” was not to house soldiers together in large buildings.

“The banal thing is not to settle 500 people in one place, but to distribute them in ten different places,” he said. “Yes, that requires a lot of work. But it’s a matter of life and death.”

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