Latest number of coronavirus cases

The seventh wave of the coronavirus continues its progress: the Department of Health has notified this Friday more than 2,100 infections Y seven deaths diaries. There is also 1,044 people hospitalized, 42 more than last Tuesday, when the ‘conselleria’ gave the last balance. According to the updated data, the occupation of the Intensive Care Units (ICU) remains the lowest of the entire pandemic: There are 26 patients admitted, seven fewer than four days ago, of which 17 are intubated and four require extracorporeal respiration (ECMO).

The coronavirus has already been charged 27,259 lives in Catalonia: 43 people have died since Tuesday and, since last Friday, 53. The virus continues to rage in nursing homes, where 20 inmates have died in the last week.

the speed of spread of covid (rt) stood at 1.13, six hundredths less than last Tuesday. That is, one hundred infected infect an average of 113 people, which indicates that the virus is still growing after the end of the masks in interior spaces and the recovery of everyday activity.

The regrowth risk (EPG), an indicator that measures the potential growth of epidemic and that reached on January 16 the maximum since the beginning of the health emergency, with 6,903 points, is still shooting at 395 points. They are 10 points more than Tuesday and the risk is very high, since the alert threshold is 100 points.

Counties and municipalities on alert due to risk of regrowth

By counties, those with the greatest risk of regrowth today are Les Garrigues (1,689), the Conca de Barbera (977) and the Val d’Aran (866), while only Solsonès (90) is below 100. Salut also specifies the municipalities with the most EPG. Are: The Vendrell (766), Sant Quirze del Valles (722), Vila-seca (663), Cerdanyola (654), Viladecans (640), El Prat de Llobregat(639) and Canovelles (622), while there is no locality below 100 EPG points.

The city of Barcelona It has a risk of a rebound of 404 points, 14 more than on Tuesday. Instead, the transmission speed (Rt) stands at 1.15, five hundredths less. On the other hand, the Barcelonathe most populated region, has an EPG of 381, 10 points more than on Tuesday, with an Rt of 1.15, six hundredths less than the last balance offered by Salut.

Confirmed infections: 2,584,853

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The total number of confirmed cases of covid for all types of tests it amounts to 2,584,853, of which 17,462 have been notified since last Tuesday, while in the last seven days there have been 15,381 diagnoses confirmed by PCR or antigen tests, an average of 2,197 per day.

Incidence at 7 and 14 days

The cumulative incidence of positives at 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants (IA7) is 195 cases, five more than on Tuesday, while the incidence at 14 days (IA14) is 376, nine less than four days ago.

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