Latest VALORANT Mobile Leaks Show Gorgeous Ranking Screens, Deathmatch, and Replay System

Riot Games has a chance to launch VALORANT to the stratosphere and multiply its player base whenever the mobile version of the game is finally released. Based on leaks that surfaced last weekend, fans have a lot to look forward to, including one of the main game’s most requested features.

A batch of leaked clips shows a slew of footage from the ongoing closed beta, including the Deathmatch game mode, the leaderboard screen for players advancing to Radiant, and, perhaps most importantly, some alleged footage from the replay. /Highlights system in action.

He VALORANT Mobile Leaks & News account on Twitter (or VALORANT on mobile devices “will have a replay system and highlights at launch” and players will be able to “feature their favorite clips on their profile.” This means, in theory, that you could take your most impressive ace or clutch and pin it to your profile for others to see. A replay system on mobile devices could also have the function of being able to instantly share game highlights.

PC gamers have been asking for a replay and highlights system for years and it was only confirmed in January of this year that it was in the works. But if the mobile version of VALORANT launches with one at launch, perhaps that feature will come to the base game as well.

The Leaks & News account also published an extended clip of images of the death match. The footage of the deathmatch comes from a YouTuber named AnakinGG, who managed to access the beta version. The standard free-for-all deathmatch mode has the same features as the normal mode; Health collection from defeated enemies, kill streak effects, and full access to the purchase menu.

Fans were also able to see what the leaderboard screen looks like for those moving up from Immortal to Radiant. In particular, the animation on mobile devices is significantly more elaborate and elegant than that on PC, and the player’s rank rating is included regardless of rank.

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