Latina scientist develops COVID vaccine

The professional mission

The focus of my career has always been on finding solutions, such as developing vaccines that can be accessible to anyone and in the most remote corner of the world. The creation of this vaccine development center within a children’s hospital has three main objectives. The first is to educate the new generations of vaccinologists; the second, solve health problems in children; and the third, and fundamental, is that we can transfer our technologies and allow the creations of the products that we invent in our laboratory to be produced on a large scale.

How the Corbevax vaccine was developed

To arrive at the technology that eventually created Corbevax, we focused on simple models with the use of conventional technologies, such as recombinant proteins that are produced in yeast through a somewhat vegan, let’s say, synthetic production, a method that had already been used for other vaccines, such as hepatitis B. This allowed us to make the processes widely known by other manufacturers and to transfer knowledge and technology quickly.

A vaccine with global reach

Baylor College Hospital, where I work, allied with the Biological E laboratory in India, and not only did they get the recipes for the vaccine, but they replicated it and are now producing 140 million doses per month. This model has multiplied like a snowball and now we are also working with Indonesia, Africa and Latin America.

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