Latinos who are succeeding in the world of fashion

Latinos have a lot to say and contribute. The fashion world welcomes them with open arms. Little by little, these personalities opened their way to success in a competitive industry, but one full of opportunities. Their roots have influenced every step they take in their work and have helped drive our culture within fashion and lift Latin America to the fore.

It is not for nothing that every time we see a Latin person succeed, it gives us a lot of emotion and pride because seeing them do their job in a big way makes us see that nothing is impossible and that in Latin America there is so much talent that still remains to be seen that the only thing we want to do is is to support it so that Latin fashion is increasingly recognized throughout the world.

Although sometimes we can think that fashion is such a small world where it is difficult to make a name for yourself, there are photographers, stylists, models or designers who have shown us the opposite and that success is easier than we think if we put everything heart and dedication in what we do. We leave you with some of the Latinos who are breaking it in fashion, both nationally and internationally so that you can follow in their footsteps and serve as the greatest inspiration to make your dreams possible.

Latinos who monopolize the spotlight in the world of fashion


Edgardo Osorio

One of the shoe brands that we love the most has its origin in Latin America, it is the Colombian designer Edgardo Osorio, who is behind Aquazzura. His shoes have been able to travel the world on the feet of the most recognized personalities and he has managed to conquer everyone with his striking designs, which reflect his Colombian roots in a very feminine way.

Fernando Garcia

When we think of Latin fashion, one of the fashion houses that immediately comes to mind is Oscar de la Renta and one of the two creative directors at the head of the brand is the Dominican Fernando García, who manages to preserve the Latin essence of the signature. In addition, the designer is also in charge of Monse, his own brand that he has together with Laura Kim.

Gabriela Hearst

The designer, originally from Uruguay, is a clear example of how to shine within the fashion industry, and that it is possible to bring Latin culture to the whole world. Currently, Hearst is at the forefront of the creative direction of the renowned French luxury brand Chloé and, at the same time, she runs her own homonymous brand where she reflects her essence, her origin and her roots with pride.

Johanna Ortiz

One of the fastest growing Latin talents in recent years is Johanna Ortiz, a designer from Colombia who has fallen in love with her prints and vibrant colors that represent her culture. A tropical paradise is hidden in her designs to transport us to a world where we can enjoy a bit of her country of origin, with volumes and silhouettes that evoke femininity. Without a doubt, Johanna is currently a great reference in Latin fashion that you should not lose sight of.


Joan Smalls

She is one of the most recognized models. Originally from Puerto Rico, at 37 years old she continues to impact her career, she was the first Latin model to be the face of Estée Lauder and from there her image was catapulted to become one of the best supermodels in the world .

Mica Arganaraz

The catwalks of the big brands are not the same if the Argentine model is not in them and, since it began in 2012, it has climbed by leaps and bounds to be one of the muses of Prada and become one of the most sought-after models. within the industry.

Krini Hernandez

The Latin model of the moment is Mexican, it was in 2019 that she joined the list of the best Latin models by making her debut in the Proenza Schouler parade and stealing all eyes. Although her career started recently, she has already become one of the most desired and valued in fashion.

Lineisy Montero

The model from the Dominican Republic soon caught the attention of the big luxury firms and the most renowned fashion magazines after making her debut at the Prada show in 2015, while extolling Dominican culture and opening up path in modeling.


Emmanuel Monsalve

Of Colombian origin, she found in the camera a form of expression with which she manages to merge her love for art and fashion perfectly. The composition of his photos has positioned them as one of the industry’s favorites. Emmanuel has definitely already managed to make a mark on visual art.

Sebastian Faena

The Argentine who seeks to tell stories that impact and capture all the glamor of fashion with his lens, has stolen the hearts of the most important publications, campaigns and magazines around the world. In addition to being a photographer, he is a filmmaker, which makes the narrative of his photos dramatic and on another level.

alexander saladrigas

The photographer, born in Miami, but of Cuban origin, has collaborated in the campaigns of the best international brands and his work has appeared in the most recognized editorial publications. Alexander has achieved that in each photograph the passion for his roots is expressed in a creative and authentic way, always celebrating his origins and those of his family, putting a little piece of Cuba in each of his projects.


george curtain

He is one of the most sought-after stylists in the industry. George is Cuban and is in charge of creating the looks of editorial shoots and the best campaigns by renowned photographers. It is very easy to recognize his work when you see him, as his styling and essence of him are unique, and one can instantly recognize that he has intervened.

Max Ortega

The stylist specialized in the publishing world has taken his Mexican culture to another level to make his creativity visible internationally, always adding a touch of modernity in editorials and campaigns. One more proof that Latin talent can reach another level and be recognized everywhere, literally.

Nicole Chavez

Although she was born in the United States, Nicole considers herself Latina because her father is Mexican and she grew up with this culture very close. She is the best-positioned celebrity stylists and has been responsible for the impact looks of great celebs that we have fallen in love with, such as Rachel Bilson, Jessica Simpson, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Bell, among others.

Mariel Haen

When we think about the style that we like so much from the famous, we rarely remember the important role that the stylist plays, and that of Puerto Rican Mariel Haenn is essential for a celebrity to become a style icon. Along with her partner Rob Zangardi, she has been responsible for creating iconic looks for Jennifer Lopez, Lily Collins, Hailee Steinfeld, Heidi Klum and Camila Cabello.

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