Launchpad is already in Mallorca waiting for Zuckerberg

  • This will be the millionaire’s first holiday on his new superyacht. He chose Mallorca as his first stop.

  • The yacht is valued at $300 million and accommodates 24 guests and 48 crew.

A typical midlife crisis is the desire to buy a sports car with a convertible top (although some of us have to settle for trying to get into one). However, Mark Zuckerberg, like a good millionaire, set the bar a little higher and bought two superyachts for his 40th birthday. One for him and the other for support so that he does not need anything.

With summer just around the corner, Mark Zuckerberg is ready to unveil his birthday present and, according to him, of course, he came to the paradise coast of Mallorca to film. Majorca’s Diary.

A superyacht that wants to go unnoticed. He launch padIt was seen in Mallorcan waters after sailing from Florida waters where it dropped anchor just a few weeks ago. The location that Mark Zuckerberg chose for the pier was the new external pier of the Club de Mar in the capital of Mallorca, away from prying eyes.

However launch pad This is not a boat that goes unnoticed thanks to its two-tone hull design, wood floor finishes and, above all, a length of 118 meters that is difficult to hide.

Controversial yacht. Mark Zuckerberg bought a pair of yachts for $330 million, of which $300 million went towards payments launch padand the remaining 30 were allocated slaveThe 65-meter yacht that Zuckerberg uses as a base for launch padbut owned by Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve.

He launch pad It has its own history, as its previous owner was a company associated with Russian oligarch Vladimir Olegovich Potanin. Russian millionaire banker who made his fortune in nickel mining under the auspices of the Russian political high echelons. Following the blockade of Russian wealth by the United States and Europe, goods of Russian origin were confiscated and launch pad This was one of the assets confiscated in the Netherlands. So the government agency took charge of auctioning it, and Mark Zuckerberg was the highest bidder.

Palma: superyacht catwalk in summer. The external dock of the Port of Palma was built to accommodate large ships such as launch pad or Jeff Bezos’ super sailboat. It is also relatively close to the Mallorca airport terminal, making it a good starting point to start your holiday.

This means that during his stay in the port of Palma, Mark Zuckerberg shares a berth with such titans as Yasmin Morskoyowned by the royal family of Qatar, 80 meters long, or the superyacht Tango, also of the Russian millionaire Viktor Vekselberg, which stood in this port under an embargo for two years, awaiting the same fate as launch pad.

Summer of luxury on board. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Mark Zuckerberg will leave no stone unturned to ensure he enjoys the utmost level of comfort and luxury on board. He launch pad She was manufactured at Feadship in the Netherlands, designed by the prestigious design studio Espen Øino Internacional and with interiors by Zuretti Interior Design, a studio known for its excellent taste for luxury when fitting out the interiors of its boats.

The yacht can accommodate 24 guests and 48 crew members and staff. At the moment, local sources do not report the presence of Mark Zuckerberg on the island. But patience if launch pad moored in this corner of the world, its owner will arrive soon. Although the weather is not on his side.

In Hatak | $325 million and a private helipad: this superyacht owned by a Russian oligarch is the new US target

Image | Superyatch Times, Wikimedia Commons (TechCrunch)

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