Laura León will show off her natural treasure on a “fans only” site

It seems that nothing can stop Laura Leon when it comes to entrepreneurship, because the beautiful businesswoman is constantly innovating with new businesses, leaving more than one with their mouths open with her very daring vision. She has once again done it again by announcing her upcoming debut as a content creator.

Unlike everything she has produced to date, the singer of ‘Suavecito Suavecito’ announced during a meeting with reporters that she has a strong desire to make content for the famous platform “Just Fans”, as well as her colleague Ninel Countwho has great success among consumers on the entertainment site.

As you like to always be at the forefront, Laura Leon He stated that he has been planning carefully for some time and that it is within his goals to start creating this type of exclusive content to pamper his fans with the best views of his “little treasure”, which he mentions is better than good.

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She was even telling the interviewers that she has already had some wigs made for the photo shoots and promised that they will be able to admire her “unceasingly” in front of the cameras, unleashing her charms to the fullest.

“Of course, I’m going to show all the treasure, it’s beautiful and I just sent her to make some beautiful wigs, of all colors, although suddenly she’s very shy,” declared the famous actress and singer.

Laura León will show off her natural treasure on a “fans only” site. Source: Instagram

And it is that at the age of 69, nothing seems to be an impediment for her, since she enjoys joviality and a lot of energy to continue giving the best to the public, including this new project that she is very excited to start producing. Faced with her strong conviction, those present were very enthusiastic.

The “Tesorito” is characterized by having a very open personality that deals with all the issues of life without taboos, an example of this is how she has undertaken various quite controversial businesses, such as the brand of intimate toys that she launched some time ago.

During the brief talk, he was also questioned about his biographical series that he said he was preparing, to which he replied that for various reasons it has been delayed, however, he asked his fans to be patient because sooner or later he would have more details to share with the media.

“Yes, there are things, but everything has been delayed a little treasures, you have to be patient, you can’t right now, but things come in their time, God’s times are perfect, but I am going to talk about everything, at once, let everything be known, hold on to treasures!” Laura Leon.

You can see the interviews here.

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