Laura Tobón opened up about her aesthetic “touch-ups”

Laura Tobón speaks for the first time about her “aesthetic touch-ups”

Laura Tobon She is without a doubt one of the most famous women in Colombia. The model, journalist, creator of digital content and businesswoman always tries to generate a good level of interaction with her fans, in such a way that she has been building their loyalty and thus she has managed to strengthen her community of Internet users.

Through his official Instagram account, in which he currently has more than three million followers, Tobón finally referred to one of the biggest doubts that his followers have had about his appearance. After questioning, the Bogota woman confessed that her beauty is not 100% natural.

The model has become a benchmark for beauty and fashion in the country and has achieved this position through her talent and hard work, as Tobón has been very professional and comfortable on screen. The journalist, who started working on the 24-hour channel cablenewsquickly went to RCN Channel and then he jumped to the most important stages and parades both nationally and internationally.

And it is that the businesswoman always gives something to talk about, since both in traditional and digital media, she stands out for her physical appearance, her style and her charisma, factors that have been essential during the construction of her career for several years.

The businesswoman confirms that she has had some “little help” both on her face and on her body (Instagram: @laura_tobon)

Tobón seems unstoppable because she always knows how to get the most out of each of her experiences, dedicating herself to upbringing, assuming her role as the wife of the businessman and investor of shark tankÁlvaro Rodríguez, and as if that were not enough, he is also a businessman and model for his own brand of swimwear.

But social networks can play for or against people, especially celebrities, which is why Tobón kept some secrets for a long time that sooner or later ended up coming to light.

Laura surprised more than one and through a publication she admitted to having resorted to “aesthetic aids” both on her face and on her body.

Through a clipthe too youtuber began to relate intimately and for the first time that according to her, she knew about the aesthetic touch-ups when the beauty mogul Kylie Jenner She went from having thin, natural lips to very voluminous ones. After that event, the presenter wanted to talk about her particular case and also her fears.

The model opened up about details never before known Photo: @laura_tobon

“I feel that there is always a fear when it comes to finding out this type of procedure because one has no idea,” he said.

Following this, he admitted that recently he has been part of the women who decide to get one or two “helps” on their skin and assured that this occurred after being a mother:

“I really started because I am already a mother, I am 33 years old… I am not going to tell lies: the fatigue, the lack of sleep, sometimes I felt exhausted and I felt that I was losing the light of my skin, it did not look as vital as before”.

The Colombian took the opportunity to recommend some procedures and argued that:

“I am no longer the same Laura as 10 years ago. I recommend the collagen. The hyaluronic acid to return to that naturalness, to the elasticity, to the luminosity that the skin has when it is younger, and in the body the collagen has also helped me to recover that figure that I had before being a mother”.

Tobón accompanied the clip, which already has more than 250 thousand reproductions, with the text:

Helps are a yes! ✨It is normal to feel afraid of procedures because if it happens to you like it did to me, it is a world that we did not know. But trust is precisely recognizing your essence and treating yourself with all the love and respect. That only includes putting yourself in expert hands like @merzAesthetics_col who have given me the confidence and security to feel even more comfortable in my own skin. and you ? I read your opinions…

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