Laura Zapata reveals Thalía’s suffering from intense pain: “I’m dragging myself”

Laura Zapata spoke about the state of health of Thalia pointing out that she is going through a bad moment, and that is that the singer suffers severe pain caused by the Lyme’s desease with which she was diagnosed more than 13 years ago caused by the tick bite.

In a meeting with the media, Laura Zapata explained that his sister suffers strong pains everyday that prevent him from doing activities like getting up, walking and sitting down, yet he struggles to get better and continue working.

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“Sometimes he feels bad, he tells me: ‘Little sister I can’t get up, I’m dragging myself, but I force myself’. She is well disciplined, she has her gym at home, she tells me: ‘I’m going to force myself because I can’t move, my joints hurt, but I’m going to force myself,'” he added.

Thalía was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Photo: Instagram @thalia

Zapata explained that it is a disease that has no cure and that his mother, Yolanda Miranda, also suffered, who took about 30 pills to avoid discomfort. She added that Thalía tries to carry out her daily activities such as taking her children to school, in addition to taking care of herself to stay beautiful.

“Everything hurts”

A few months ago, the interpreter of “Amor a la mexicana” caused great concern to her fans, with whom she stays in contact through her social networks, so they did not take long to notice her absence and this led her to reveal the bad moment she was going through due to strong pains in the back.

Thalía revealed that more than 13 years ago she was diagnosed with Lyme disease that affects the skin, heart, nervous system and joints. She explained that it was the bite of a tick that infected her, they live in wooded areas and most cases have occurred in the United States, although some have also been recorded in Asia and Europe.

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“I got very sick, I almost lost my life, I lost my hair, muscle mass, I lost the desire to get ahead (…) Now I feel fantastic thanks to the treatments I have followed, a change of healthy life, healthy eating, exercise and a positive mind”, detailed Thalía in a TikTok video.

celebrities like Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Richard Gere and Alec Baldwin also suffer from it. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), symptoms may vary depending on the stage of the disease, but include fever, rash, facial paralysis, and arthritis.

In people who have had the disease for more years, other symptom such as severe headaches, stiff neck, swollen jointscerebral palsyl, intermittent pain in tendons, muscles, and bones; also neuralgia, memory problems and pain or tingling in the hands.


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