Lawyers study six more testimonies of harassment

hA few weeks back, one of the most famous singers in the world was in the limelight because of some the demands He was approached by a group of dancers working for him, which quickly went viral, as it is the exact opposite of his image. lizzoThe American singer stepped forward and defended herself, but that didn’t convince her followers.

But not only that, because the plaintiff’s attorney is investigating More complaints from other dancers, there were three people to open the season Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez, who filed a lawsuit against Grammy Award winner Lizzo and her production company ‘Big Grrrl Big Touring’ for charges of religious persecution, disability discrimination, assault and illegal confinement.

Six more cases are being studied

Ron ZambranoThe plaintiff’s lawyer disclosed this to the British media nbcnews, According to the magistrate, these people were also on a tour together. lizzo And she also participated in their TV show called ‘Lizzo’s What Out for the Big Grrls’.

Lizzo, however, responded to the allegations by saying that she is “not a villain” and that she thinks “IncredibleWhat has happened. For him, the reasons are “so reprehensible that they cannot be addressed.”

One of the plaintiffs: “He likes to point the finger”

Williams, one of the dancers, reacted harshly: “Her statement just confirms the pattern that every time someone speaks up or defends themselves, as we are doing now, we are victim-blamed. , is criticized. And she prefers to point fingers rather than address the issues raised.”

“Sadly, we have already experienced not only dancers who have worked directly with him, but also dancers who are simply in the entertainment industry in general, They’ve already come out and shared their stories“, End.

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