Le Pen’s “controversial” electoral program to lead France has led to her being considered “far right”

Match National team by Marine Le Pen has won the first round of legislative elections in France. A historic victory, according to polls, could give him an absolute majority, leaving him far ahead of the Popular Front as well as French President Emmanuel Macron, who are the third political force. The political group and the leader have been accused of being “extreme right-wing” for their electoral program, so much so that athletes such as Mbappé or Ana Peleteiro in Spain have called to vote for the left and thus “stop the rise of fascism”.

In 2011, Marine Le Pen was elected president of the National Front.decades after his father Jean-Marie founded it. Seven years later, and after breaking ties with his father and the founder of the political group, he managed to change the name of that party National teamand tried to change its racist and anti-Semitic image, however, it is still recognized as such today.

Marine Le Pen is fifty-five years old, she is currently a member of the French National Assembly representing the French city of Calais. She is a mother of three children and has been divorced twice This is the fourth time he has tried to lead the countryfollowed in 2012 (when she came third) and 2017 and 2022 (losing in the second round against Emmanuel Macron).

These are the main measures of Marine Le Pen’s program

Some of the measures revolve around an economic nationalist stance, since he wants to abandon the euro and return to the franc, in addition to promoting an exit from the European Union). On the other hand, his party’s “far-right” reputation is manifested in his views on immigration, since he proposes to reduce immigrants’ income and access to public services, as well as his stance on Islam in France (he wants to make it illegal for women to wear the veil in public). These are some of the measures of Marine Le Pen’s political program and the National Rally:


They propose a referendum on immigration

End Family Reunion

Processing of asylum applications abroad only

Reserve social assistance for France and condition access to solidarity benefits to 5 years of work in France

Ensure national prioritisation of access to social housing and employment

Systematically deport illegal immigrants, criminals, and foreign offenders


Make safety a priority everywhere and for everyone for a period of five years

Restore minimum sentences

Eliminate any possibility of mitigating and adjusting sentences, especially for violence against people.

Establish a presumption of self-defense for law enforcement

The number of magistrates should be doubled

Reach 85,000 prison places in 2027

Establish royal perpetuity

purchasing power

Reduce VAT on energy products (fuel, fuel oil, gas and electricity) from 20% to 5.5%

Allow companies to increase wages by 10% (up to 3 minimum wages) by exempting this increase from employer contributions

Renovate highways to reduce toll prices by 15% and privatize public transmission to eliminate fees


All young workers up to the age of 30 are exempted from income tax so that they can stay in France and raise their families here.

Abolish corporate tax for the first 5 years to prevent entrepreneurs under the age of 30 from going abroad


Determine the full share of taxes for the second child

Double support for single mothers raising children while strengthening controls to prevent fraud

Eliminate direct inheritance taxes for low-income and middle-class families.

Exemption for donations from parents as well as grandparents to their children and grandchildren of up to €100,000 per child every ten years

Strengthen the rights of people with disabilities

old age

Re-index pensions for inflation

Raise the old-age minimum to €1,000 per month and increase small pensions

reject any extension of the retirement age


Guarantee France’s energy independence

Re-launch the nuclear and hydropower sectors and invest in the hydrogen sector

Guarantee farmers prices that respect their work

Implement a “slaughterhouse plan” to guarantee decent conditions and prohibit slaughter without stunning


Launch a €20 billion emergency health support plan

Stop blocking beds in public hospitals and maternity wards.

Increase the salary of nursing staff.


Put the teaching of French, maths and history back at the centre of programmes

Raise teachers’ salaries and restructure their training

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