Léa Seydoyx revealed that an intimacy coordinator would not have contributed anything to “The Life of Adele”

french actress, Lea Seydoyxspoke about the filming of Blue is the warmest colorthe well-remembered lesbian romance that she starred in with Adèle Exarchopoulos in 2013.

The film, which at that time marked one of the most controversial premieres in the Cannes Film Festival for its explicit sex scenes, managed to win several awards thanks to its history and its characters.

Years later, the actress discussed the seven-minute sex scene from The life of Adelerevealing that it took ten days to shoot. Seydoux also recounted that Abdellatif Kechichethe director of the film, he insisted that 100 takes be done for just one shot.

“It took me a year of my life and I gave everything for that movie. It really changed my life on many different levels“, said the interpreter of “Emma”.

When asked now, nearly a decade later, if an intimacy coordinator would have changed the dynamic on set, she told The Hollywood Reporter than “no, not really”.

“It was beyond. It was the whole movie, not just the sex scenes. The way we shot the movie was crazy“, he added.

Despite the controversies and the explicit scenes, both protagonists managed to become the first actresses to win the Palme d’Or with Kechiche for the film.

Finally, about the director of Blue, Seydoux commented that “the guy is just crazy”something he had already said in 2013, when he assured the filmmaker he exceeded several limits to achieve what he wanted to do with his film.

In addition, both interpreters have repeatedly assured that the conditions inside and outside the set were unhealthy, and who went through severe episodes of anxiety and stress.

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