League of Legends 2: the proposal that is dividing the community

After months of various leaks and speculations, Riot has finally decided to officially reveal the kit Heather To the general public League of Legends. This champion will have quite atypical gameplay compared to what we have seen to date, given some quite peculiar characteristics.

In fact, this failed experiment of black Rose will have, as its main source of power, the ability to lose control. And this phrase must be understood literally. Players will effectively lose the ability to control the champion, who will act alone amidst the madness.

So let’s discover together all the details of this new character, who may drastically change the meta of the game.

heather kit


A failed experiment black RoseControlling Briar’s insatiable bloodlust required one special pillory. After years of imprisonment, this living weapon escaped from his cell and launched into the world. Now no one controls her: she only follows her hunger for blood and knowledge, and she enjoys the moments when she can give it free rein, although calming the frenzy is not easy.

Crimson Curse (P)

Attacks and abilities Heather Applies a cumulative bleed to enemies that heals a portion of the damage dealt. Always hungry, the healing she gains is increased by her missing health, but she has no innate health regeneration.

Furthermore, when a bleeding enemy dies, Heather heals remaining bleed damage.

Throat Jump (Q)

Heather Jumps toward a unit, dealing damage, stunning it, and reducing its armor. If you cast this ability on a minion or monster while under the effects of Blood Frenzy (W), Heather stop prioritizing enemy champions.

Blood Frenzy/Hunger Powders (W)

Heather he jumps forward, breaks his pillory and enters blood frenzy, which forces her to relentlessly pursue the closest enemy (prioritizing champions). When berserk, he gains increased attack speed and movement speed, and his attacks deal damage to the area around the target.

While he’s in a frenzy, Heather You can reactivate this ability to BITE The target with your next attack, dealing additional damage based on their missing health and healing themselves based on the damage dealt.

Creepy Scream (E)

Heather recover concentration by eliminating Blood Frenzy (W) and channel energy into a powerful scream that damages and slows enemies.

While charging this ability, you take reduced damage and heal a portion of your maximum health. A fully charged scream knocks enemies back, dealing additional damage and stunning them if they hit a wall.

Death Promise (R)

Heather He kicks a hemolith, marking the first champion he hits as his prey. He then flies directly towards his prey, scaring other enemies in the vicinity of his arrival point and entering a state of complete hematomania.

Heather stalks its prey until one of them dies, achieving the effects of blood frenzy as well as additional armor, magic resistance, lifesteal, and movement speed.

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