League Of Legends enjoy your setup with this new limited edition monitor

League Of Legends will be on and off your screen

The reference in video games worldwide, League Of Legends connects to LG monitors, to provide an experience of image quality and design, both inside and outside the video game.

Starting November 16 we will be able to do something with the new limited edition of the LG UltraGear OLED 27GR95QL monitor. Don’t just remove the monitor! The League Of Legends universe comes with an extra gift and you can get 1 pack of 1 campaign + 1 skin (Jayce Brighthammer) for free with the coupon “MonitorLOL” (valid between November 16, 2023 and March 31, 2024 or end stock – 200 units -).

How did you get to the bottom of the design?

The graphic elements of the League Of Legends universe come into play in the video game and we want to have them present both on the external chassis and in the different configuration menus of your monitor.

Likewise, the symbols and decorations are present throughout the back of the door, also on the back of the door.

Let’s fall in love with the new limited edition of League Of Legends

The first thing that stands out, on a large business card, is the 27-tap size, along with a QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440), an image refresh rate of 240 Hz and a maximum response speed of 0. 03 milliseconds.

Thanks to the HDMI 2.1 connection we can enjoy the latest streaming videos and play them at the best resolution. Well, remember every hour that you want to play League Of Legends and that you live each game as if you were inside the screen.

lg ultragear hahaha

It also stands out for the technology it incorporates inside. That’s why we have AMD FreeSync Premium technology, which is also compatible with N-VIDIA graphics and the G-Sync interface.

And yet, if the build quality of LG’s OLED panels is to be matched, they are capable of delivering pure black tones, like no other on the market.

ultragear hahaha lg

Keep more LG gaming monitors to find

In addition to the limited edition of League Of Legends, there are more models to choose from in the LG OLED monitor line. In this case, with LG’s own design lines. We have two different dimensions, the first being the 27 ticks. However, if you’re playing League Of Legends this year if you’re small enough, why would you want a 45 button panel?

The 27-button monitor maintains the same internal specifications that we saw in the limited edition of League Of Legends. Yes, in this case we want to maintain the characteristic design of LG’s OLED ecosystem. On the other hand, within the span of 45 presses, we also have a larger panel, we also have very interesting specifications.

lg ultragear 45

In 21:9 format, this 45-inch monitor (45GR95QE) offers WQHD resolution, which is 3,440×1,440 pixels. But at the same time what stands out is its curved format (800R) and with only 0.03 milliseconds maximum response speed.

lg ultragear setup

If you want to make sure which of these three models, or well, you don’t want to wait to get the special limited edition of League Of Legends, you can make sure with them through this direct link that we indicate to continue.

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