‘League Of Legends’ Pre-Season Brings Pets, Chemtech Drake, And More

The League of Legends Pre-season changes have been revealed, detailing the return of Chemtech Drake and a host of jungle changes, including the addition of pets.

For this year’s pre-season, developer Riot Games has focused on making big changes to the jungle role.

This includes the return of Chemtech Drake, an elemental Drake that was removed from League of Legends in January after Riot admitted it was “too frustrating to mess with”.

However, most of Drake’s unpopular features – including the vision-obscuring god – have been replaced with new abilities. Chemtech Drake’s buff will now grant tenacity and stronger healing and shields, while gaining Chemtech Soul will give champions on your team bonus damage if they are below a certain level of health.

League of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

Additionally, the environmental effects of the Chemtech Drake have been changed. In active matches, Blast Cones will send champions twice as far, Honey Fruits will stop slowing champions and grant a shield, and Scryer’s Bloom will grant movement speed to anyone running towards revealed enemy champions.

Along with the return of Chemtech Drake comes some major jungle changes that Riot addressed in August. The most important is the addition of pets, which will be companions that junglers can raise in exchange for powerful buffs.

“These pets will acquire ‘treats’ by killing monsters and slowly over time as the game progresses, which will help them evolve,” Riot explains. “Once evolved, pets will give their owners avatar buffs that give them different abilities. »

league of legends dragon soul
League of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

Three different pets have been added, each supporting a distinct playstyle. The Noxian Embercat will provide its owner with extra slows and damage, while the Ixtali Ixamander provides a shield with slow resistance and tenacity – perfect for tanking junglers. Finally, the Ionian Cloudleaper gives extra movement speed to players looking to have more impact on the map.

Beyond pets, the jungle will also be made easier for new players. This includes the recommended jungle path, a leash range indicator, and more detailed pings for communicating with teammates. Teams will also be able to vote to take or leave an objective.

Elsewhere, top laners will be getting some experience tweaks to help them “scale faster and reach those key items and level breakpoints faster compared to mid and bot”, and several new mythic items have been added to the game.

In other League of Legends news, Riot Games recently shared “STAR WALKIN” – this year’s global anthem, which premiered with Lil Nas X.

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