League of Legends presented the update notes for version 13.22

Definitely, League of Legends It is one of the video games that has had the most impact in recent years. Actually the battles that arise in this scenario have been fought by different generations and keeping this scenario in mind, riot games I have prepared a series of updates that you should take into account.

What you can find in version 13.22

In this new entry you will find nine main themes. The first will noticeably affect the attack speed of mages and some champions with respective similarities.

To deal with this situation, shooters realized that these attacks in some cases seemed slow and therefore determined a new minimum. Therefore, it moves on to testing mods regarding missile speed and for basic attacks, except for some champions as it may be. Karthus and Fiddlesticks.

The second week is related to the kit. Janna. The creators pointed out the importance of making this character a little more active in order to be able to send tornadoes a considerable distance.

What are the changes in attack speed?

This version contemplated that many of the magicians have some suggestions that are a little discouraging. Therefore, the need appears on the stage for each player to have a good feeling in their battles and to be able to make the difference in each fight.

In this way you must take into account three variations. The times for preparing attacks are going to be modified with the intention that the same things can appear in new terrain.

As a second measure, the speed of the projectiles from now on will tend to a new minimum that will allow strong winds to deliver the final shot.

Lastly, you should strive with the help of your attack speed targets to allow for speed changes and a significant increase in the champions’ offense.

Other aspects to take into account at the end of 2023

Riot Games, the company behind the great stories of League of Legends, announced different changes in various sections of the game and other aspects, such as the ranking mode and Clash, among others.

The main events are tied to the champions, so we usually have the ability to make them a little more competitive for each fight. Modifications will also appear for ARAM, a piece that will generate a lot of impact.

  • A new ranking rank will be added: Emerald, which will be between Platinum and Diamond.

  • They must maintain the qualification requirements stipulated for Diamond at higher levels. In the lower stages, nines are tied to skill levels.

  • A surprise will be that LoL promotions will be eliminated.

  • Regarding the Clash reward system, it will be based on the ranking of the winning matches and also on the odds in the final ranking.

  • Clash tournaments will change and will be held once a month.

  • With the intention of better supervision, support will be provided to the servers so that they can offer greater stability.

  • Additionally, some Clash events took place outside of Summoner’s Rift and could be implemented during the month of August.

  • The company’s management is working on some current developments in the art of Lee Sin and Teemo.

  • Taking the above into account, the intention is that Lee Sin’s strength can be increased and his animations will also be modernized with the idea that the memes about him continue until the end.

  • Riot Games also plans to create new animations in Teemo, which will give him a slightly more expressive look.

  • In the future they will try to work on a catalog of aspects.

  • Regarding the release of Lee Sin, it is expected to last

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