leak images of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn on set


The singer was seen during one of the shootings of ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’ playing the role of Harley Quinn.

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DC Comics fans are looking forward to ‘Joker. Folie à Deux’ reach the big screen to be able to enjoy the performance of Joaquin Phoenix and the continuation of the plot, which this time comes in the form of a musical in which Lady Gaga will play Harley Quinn.

The same singer was the one who confirmed that she would participate in the expected production in August 2022 with a video in which she announced the official date of the premiere of Joker 2, where she would be the protagonist with Phoenix.

Although production delivery is for the October 4, 2024, The followers of the production have been waiting for any detail or advance that can be known about the ‘Joker. Folie à Deux’, however, little has been revealed.

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Only until February of this year, the film’s director, Todd Phillips, c.He shared the first official photograph that is part of one of the scenes starring Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix.

Said photograph was the first time that Lady Gaga was seen in the role of Harley Quinn, for which reason the publication generated great emotion among the fans of the singer who They look forward to seeing her as an actress.

Filtered video of Lady Gaga filming Joker 2

Although the first image of Lady Gaga in the role of Harley Quinn had already been known, some nNew photos and videos of the singer, from what would be one of the shootings of ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’.

The images, spread on Twitter, account for the famous singer characterizing a street harley quinn, Therefore, it could be one of the scenes prior to the meeting with the Joker.

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In the images it is possible to see a totally different facet of Lady Gaga, because in the first leaked images of the shoot, the singer looks like an ordinary woman, a little messyleaving aside her essence of an elegant woman.

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