Learn about the dinners that ruined the Star Wars Saga for you! Voke Concorda?

Certainly one of the greatest franchises in cinema history and two of the most beloved, a saga’star wars‘Tame no Curriculum Onze Superproductions released in theatres, five serials with original cast released directly on streaming platform Disney+ (which is connected to the world of cinema) and several animations, which also serve as an authentic base for fans.

A franchise that is also attractive, it is clear that it will continue to present the characters for many years with new examples on the screen or in the lines, with new adventures, new characters and many surprises. We have some projects already announced for the next few years, like ‘Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi‘, will be directed by james mangold (“Logan” and “Indiana Jones 5”), which will tell about the emergence of the Force, taking place 25 thousand years before Episode IV.

we will also haveStar Wars: New Jedi Order‘, which will continue to be controversial in the latest trilogy, and will bring a charisma Daisy Ridley Once again a fearless king, announced for 2027. A year ago, or Galhofeiro taika waititi (“Thor: Ragnarok” and “Thor: Amor e Trovao”) will direct a Star Wars project without a title or synopsis. And patty jenkins (‘Mulher-Maravilha’) has also been announced as the director of ‘.Star Wars: Rogue Squadron‘, about the pilots of the Aliança Rebelde fighter squadron.

,star wars‘It’s amazing and we all love this franchise. But we also all know that some episodes are just too long to be perfect. And even in the best episodes we can have that “cringe” moment, which doesn’t stop us. As we reflect on this surge with one of our favorite franchises of all time, we decide with the help of our channel partners watchmojo, plan ten dinners for you that will ruin Star Wars for you. It’s clear that it’s not actually wasting, it’s just a way of saying it. Please confirm and leave your comments.

For a long time the prequel trilogy was considered the worst thing ever included.star wars‘Will be released in theatres. Isso is tied to this equally divisive new trilogy. Seja como for, falando da prequel,’Winganka Dos Sith Ko‘, the third film of 2005 is unanimously considered the best film – and one of the best in the entire franchise (jeez, at least it’s the film many fans love). But one special moment is enough Flattery I didn’t make the movie (probably more than um, wait). Here we are talking about Padme’s personal death Natalie Portman, She died after giving birth to twins (Luke and Leia). why did u ask? Or did the doctor say she was physically fine… but she had barely lost the will to live!?

Don’t stop participating:

The most recent trilogy started off very well, with interesting new characters and an interesting plot that took us straight into the universe star wars That we love very much. More information about the second episode of this new trilogyThe Last Jedi‘, such humor has never been seen before, even when we talk about the prequel trilogy. Provides foi or power internet.

And the above is one of two most unsatisfying moments of the film, when Rose (kelly marie tran) prevents the sacrifice of his beloved Finn (john boyega, Well, it is, so under any other circumstances this would be considered an admirably romantic experience, and it also ends with a kiss between the two of you. However, Finn would sacrifice himself to save the lives of hundreds of rebels, and if he did or stopped him, Rose would practically condemn them all. Luckily Luke Skywalker was in the area.

george lucas There is certainly no oil in the air of negativity surrounding their beloved prequel trilogy. No wonder, one of the most hated things was the creation of jar jar binks, definitely the franchise’s most despicable character. Them’to amica phantom‘ (1999) It was intended only for comic relief (which is not very true). But not the next episode,’or attack two clones‘ (2002), Lucas, as a newborn baby, is also troubled by the fact that he has been placed as a member of the Senate, which grants Palpatine emergency authority to raise an army of clones. So that he shot Pela Kulatra. Either way, Jar Jar was responsible for the creation of the emperor and the empire. Is it good?

He ‘The Last Jedi‘I used to be considered very divisive, but I still have some people I defend.’ascension skywalker‘ He played everything to lose with any of his daring conclusions, and he decided to make uncertain bets, trying to please everyone at the same time, without being able to please any one of them. to the king, of Daisy Ridley, He was a great man, but not without his controversies. One of the biggest days was at the end of Episode IX, when you buried Luke and Leia’s lightsaber, and you saw a woman asking your name. Seeing the two spirits mentioned above, Rey doesn’t think twice and answers that his name is Rey Skywalker, vowing to take over the legacy of not only the family, but the franchise, or that he left the unpleasant faces, because The character did not have a name and a name was needed. For the saga.

You know what we’re doing wrong. to Saudosa carrie fisher Died before completing his recording inThe Last Jedi‘, or Episode VIII. The two moments you might understand most shouldn’t be the tribute to the actress and her character Leia. At a dinner, his ship explodes, and he flies away, tired of looking at empty space. At the time, everyone thought that the character, as well as the artist, would die, and this would be the solution found by the Rotaristas. More EIS that originate from “Super Leia”. One character uses the Force in a way that has never been presented before, managing to survive in space and fly to the safety of another ship. This is serious!

One of the most blatant absurdities of the entire franchise was Imperator Palpatine’s mercy in Episode IX. What should have been a big surprise, one that would excite you, turned out to be one of the two most “important” moments of the saga. Isso because this return should be victorious, was served by an explanation at the level of “he returned with some difficulty”. This lack of coercion in the third film of a trilogy is, to a great extent, a matter of frustration, like Coelho’s truce calling cards in 45 second tempo, barely to find some harmony. This Mambémbe stitch-up with the franchise’s greatest villain more than made up for the bitter taste left by the previous film star wars and then.

,Han Solo: A Star Wars Story‘Not only was this the film that was the most unnecessary in the franchise, but it also managed to commit one of the biggest narrative blunders in cinema: explaining that it needed no explanation, the most obvious and “sorvete na testa” In a proper way. , Han Solo, played by Harrison FordVII is one of the two best characters in the art and nothing will ever change, no matter how hard Disney tries – whether it’s the character’s death in Episode VII or a prequel about his life that will save a total of zero people. Had asked for.

The past of space pirates has been in the imagination, but the current generation of executives and producers now need to give everything to the public. The most “cringeworthy” moment in the film was when he was asked about his surname, Han (form of alden ehrenreich) says there is no fear that he has Sozinho in his group, the Empire officer soon calls Han “Solo”. Do you have any references? Erg.

We were going at tempos that were barely george lucas Fazia “Kagada” is like a franchise that spawned a prequel trilogy. It’s no longer just a privilege, as Disney executives attempt to tarnish the franchise’s legacy by any means necessary. As far as Ceja is concerned, Lucas’ return to the front of the franchise wasn’t anything memorable, we’re afraid it could have been considered more “embarrassing aleahia” dialogue. star wars, Created a romance between Anakin and Padme with zero chemistry (hayden christensen And Natalie Portman), to eventually convince the public that it was my fault that Luke and Leia had never been mentioned before.

What should have been the zenith of romance between the two of you, like the first beijo paxonado of a forbidden relationship, ended up with a bitter taste due to the horribly clumsy dialogue written by Lucas. At the moment, Anakin says he doesn’t like the beach because of the sand, which is rough and gets everywhere. Well, this might have been his interpretation in the last five years of his life, unfortunately he is already an adult when he utters the phrase “brain brain”. Have you ever imagined that Darth Vader would be as uncomfortable as you? There was nothing and we wanted to move ahead like this.

Luke Skywalker Throw GIF - Luke Skywalker Throw Lightsaber - Find & Share GIFLuke Skywalker Throw GIF - Luke Skywalker Throw Lightsaber - Find & Share GIF

,awakening of power‘It’s not a perfect film, but an admirable sequel—a legacy that tops the list of all Star Wars films. In 2015, the film ended with a perfect hook, when Ray (Daisy Ridley) finds Luke (mark hamill) and he gives her his light saber, ready to begin training with it. This was when the director Ryan Johnson It was resolved to give some satisfaction with a property of this size and which would yield two furloughs. It didn’t bother me, I admire the director, but I felt his sarcastic and humorous style didn’t match what we know about Star Wars.

So it was that, instead of following the path that everyone expected, Luke behaved in a way, let’s say, unexpected and quite contradictory. And what was the complete failure of the last episode, with an image that would give static a beautiful square, basically um there would be no filial seguinte logo MEME, Luke strikes Rey with a light saber over her shoulder, surprising her. As the objective was to solve Luke’s challenge, it could be achieved in a short period of time tosquinha,

In the first position, the two moments that bother you the most from the franchise star wars This is a walking Darth Vader meme. One of the most iconic films of the Seventh Century, perhaps the most iconic, we knew we would encounter Darth Vader again after the 1980s original trilogy.Winganka Dos Sith Ko, The prequel trilogy was considered a failure, being far more of a technical showcase than a narrative contribution in any sense to the saga. So, it was a quest to see Anakin finally become Metalized Vader.

In a quest at dinner, after a shocking transformation that leads us to think about the physical and psychological suffering of a man transformed into a machine, he finally finds himself on his “surgical table” in the best style of the Frankenstein monster. “, straight from Imperador Palpatine doing it in the manner of scientist Luko. The dramatic moment is interrupted by a guttural growl that steals the voice like james earl jones Screaming: “Naaaaaa!”, to learn that the love of his life died, and he was the cause of her loss. In 2005, he was just a young man and admitted that he found it strange to have dinner at that age. Something funny, but in a non-purposeful way. So much so that the diner meme became popular and was replicated in many other places.

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