Leave or continue with your band? These are the artists who left their group-music and became successful alone

Being in a successful band is the dream of many. How some neighborhood dude manages to fill stadiums with his music is a story that’s always a pleasure to tell, seeing how the hard work of dreamers can triumph. For this reason, we are always surprised by the news of artists who, without anyone expecting it, He decided to leave his band and go solo, This risky move is one of the trickiest a singer can do, because it’s difficult to have earned success with your peers. However, These are the artists who won equally as a group and on their own,


This man from Madrid has been for decades one of the greatest references to music in our country. None the less, the singer-songwriter has built a career full of No. 1s that still ring in today. His first win was at the hands of Rubén Pozo within the Pareza group. The band broke up in 2011. on good terms, but still faced all the hurdles they faced to launch their individual projects. In an interview, Leiva reported that 20,000 people watched Pereza’s farewell concert, while First there were 300 in his name only,

That this was the right decision can be evidenced by the fact that, after a personal career of 12 years, sold out all tickets for Madrid’s Vissink Center in minutesFor those 3 passes that he will give at the end of the year as a special guest with his partner from Pereza.

Harry Styles

From decade to decade, each generation has one or two “boybands” that ignite fandom in the youngest. in 2010, One Direction was the most important, These 5 Brits from Factor X conquered the planet with their catchy tunes, and became a massive phenomenon wherever they went. But all was not rosy. After several years on and off, Zayn Malik was the first to quit in a quest to set up his own project. Of the One Direction guys, Harry Styles was the one who came out the best. His personality attracted not only “Directors” but an even larger audience that, if possible, reached the numbers he had achieved with his peers.


American singers are unique in their own right. We can see it every weekend, thanks to their ‘Renaissance Tour’, which is filling stadiums around the world. However, his debut was not a lonely one. Destiny’s Child marked Beyoncé Knowles’ debut in music. In this group she reached significant numbers (pretty outstanding if it were not for the numbers she achieved later) and a maturity that led her to stardom when The band broke up in 2006.

ana torroja

Meccano is a musical legend in Spain. Their songs continue to charm generations to come, leaving parents and children singing in unison to classics like ‘Cruz de Navaz’ or ‘La fuerza del destino’. For this reason, the complex definitive separation of the group in 1998 was a heavy burden for Ana Toroja, who had to go on alone to make her own fortune. The keys to its success to date are clear: He never rejected his past and took advantage of the legacy of all three to create something of his own. Which has made him a prominent name in our country.

Daniel Martin

The man from Madrid conquered Spain with his band El Canto del Loco, To be the role model of a generation. Hymns follow each other to change the paradigm (The youth never had to go to the disco with shoes…) And creating customs that have transcended the band. It disbanded in 2010, as its members wanted to go their separate ways. Danny Martin did not lose patience and made a very outstanding career on his own.

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