Leaving the previous ones: Pokémon GO City Safari has just entered Mexico City

Thousands of trainers from Mexico and the world embarked on the adventure of capturing Pokémon this weekend!

Mexico City, November 16, 2023.- During November 4 and 5, entrepreneurs from Mexico City were able to enjoy the first Pokémon GO City Safari created in Latin America. More than 30 million trainers from 30 different countries embarked on an adventure across the city to capture different rescued Pokémon and embarked on a special investigation to capture Eevee with a unique decorative background that includes the landscape of the Angel of Independence. Thanks to the extraordinary response from the players, all the cards were purchased the days before the start of the event, which is why Niantic decided to release more tickets for Sunday.

The entrepreneurs were able to participate in 5 different pre-secial activities that were located in parks in the metropolitan area such as Parque Hundido, Parque Lincoln, Parque América, Glorieta Pdte. Masaryk and Naucalli Park; realizing that more than 5 million Pokéstops will be played and around 180 million raids will be achieved. Different parts of the city will also be seen with a series of public displays, including hand-painted banners and transparent bus shelters decorated with Pokémon characters that offer unique photo opportunities, further encouraging participation and enthusiasm among the community.

The Niantic team also organized a VIP trip in a double-decker bus, which during the weekend visited the activation points spread across the city in the company of Niantic employees, different strategic partners, media representatives, content creators and members of the gaming community. By the end of the week, Entrepreneurs together captured 6.8 million Pokémon, including Tropius, Axew, Rufflet, Wooper, Hawlucha, and Skiddo. Likewise, more than 27 million Pokémon were exchanged.

In the Miguel Hidalgo greenhouse, real-life Pokéstops were placed, which also served as charging centers to be able to charge transients on the cell phone, and 3 monumental letters alluding to the game equipment in the different parks of the greenhouse were decorated. In gratitude for the support received during the event, Niantic will assume the maintenance and repair of 5 banks located on Masaryk Avenue, showing the company’s commitment to the recovery of public spaces, for the benefit of residents and visitors to the area.

In addition, players will be able to find and interact in 5 7-Eleven stores decorated with the image of Pokémon GO teams distributed to retailers in the city. In these special locations, the Entrepreneurs were part of a sales rally with those who were bidders for prizes courtesy of 7-Eleven once they accomplished the mission, until its existence.

Pokémon GO was also part of the Day of the Dead celebrations, through the Mexico City Safari-themed installation displayed in front of the Angel of Independence, where entrepreneurs were able to take photographs and visit the in-game Gym. The lights of the Monumental Crane at night change color depending on the equipment that operates this gym.

Tickets to the event will include a series of bonuses, such as double Candy for catching Pokémon, reducing the distance to close Eggs in incubators, extending the life of Bait Modules and much more incense. Thanks to him, the Entrepreneurs managed to arrange more than 121 million items and exchange 188 million gifts.

“City Safari: Mexico City was the first Augmented Reality event of its kind in Latin America, with which the trunks amplify the beauty of the city with a digital and personal experience for thousands of people. It was a result thanks to the great response from entrepreneurs and we hope that this is the beginning of more similar events in the region, so that more people can live this unique experience,” added Alan Mandujano, Head of Latin America at Niantic, Inc. .

With the assistance of the Mexico City Tourism Secretariat, in different tourist information forms, City Safari participants will receive a Duskull card and Pokémon GO stickers to personalize on the Integrated Travel Card, in addition to receiving information about them best routes to continue the adventure.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, during the Pokémon GO City Safari weekend, hotel occupancy in Mexico City experienced an average increase of 5.5 points compared to 2022. This growth highlights the contribution of the event to the development of the sector. city ​​hotelier.

It was surely a great weekend for the Entrepreneurs in Mexico, who were able to live an adventure together, make new friends and discover the beauty of the city during the City Safari. To learn more about the different Pokémon GO events, including Community Days and new additions to the game, we invite all players to follow the official Pokémon GO blog and social networks. Also, remember that Entrepreneurs always pay attention to their surroundings and follow the rules of local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO.

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