Lefties makes it possible for you to feel like ‘Emily in Paris’

leftiesLearn once again with a garment that you will want to have in your closet. The low cost firm of the Inditex group has put up for sale a perfect T-shirt for lovers of one of the television series that has attracted the most attention in recent years. It is a basic navy blue t-shirt, with a slightly oversize silhouette that stands out because it has the phrase ‘Emily in Paris’alluding to the Netflix series, starring Lily Colins. A series in which style is one of the great stars of fiction and stands out for its studied looks.

Lily Collins on the set of ‘Emily in Paris’. / Gtres

The garment in question is a “short-sleeved T-shirt with a round neckline and a front print of the text of Emily in Paris. It is made of a comfortable 100% cotton fabric.”, Says the text that accompanies the shirt on the brand’s website. It is available both in the physical store and through the firm’s website and in its application. Its price is less than 6 euros, specifically, 5.99 and it is perfect to incorporate it into your wardrobe now that we are at a time when temperatures are so changeable. The choice of color blue with white letters is not accidental, since it is one of the tones that is most used in fiction and that, in addition, has a direct relationship with the French flag.

Lefties t-shirt inspired by ‘Emily in Paris’. / Lefties

The next premiere of the new season of this fiction on the Netflix platform was recently announced, which is currently being recorded in the French capital. A series in which the protagonist, Lily Collins, constantly gives style lessons, thanks to the work of Marylin Fitoussi and her adviser Patricia Field – stylist of sex in new york-, capable of bringing the latest trends of the moment to the small screen.

The shirt in question has all the characteristics to become one of the brand’s greatest successes. It is a garment at a more than affordable price that can be easily combined, which makes it stand out for its versatility. A basic T-shirt with a twist that can be the perfect complement to jeans -of any pattern-, with sneakers at halftime or with a cardigan as soon as the temperatures drop. A garment that allows us to feel closer to Emily in Paris, at a very attractive price.

In the same way, the t-shirt will give a different touch to a tailored suit, in the purest style of Paris and that also looks wonderful with skirts, both midis and minis. Now it’s your turn to get hold of it before it runs out and explore the multitude of possibilities that this garment offers to your wardrobe. Surely you will not regret it.

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