Legal Medicine offers this year for the first time MIR places in Euskadi

The Basque Institute of Legal Medicine (IVML) offer this year for the first time MIR places for the ones medical students specializing in this area and are trained as forensic experts.

Through a recently created Teaching Unit, aspiring forensic doctors will carry out their training via residential, like any other healthcare specialty, as announced this Thursday by the Minister of Justice, Beatriz Artolazabal.

The Basque Institute of Legal Medicine celebrates twenty years

Artolazabal has participated in the opening ceremony of a conference that commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the Basque Institute of Legal Medicine together with the president of the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country (TSJPV), Inaki Subijanaand the Chief Prosecutor, Carmen Adamin addition to the director of the institute, Carlos Cubero.

As he pointed out, the Teaching Unit represents “the renewal in the field of legal medicine” as in its day was the creation of the Comprehensive Forensic Assessment Units in the field of gender and intrafamily violence, or “the specialized professionalization of forensics in areas such as traumatology, psychiatry and forensic pathology.

He also highlighted the “essential technical function” that the IVML fulfills in the framework of the Administration of Justice “by applying the knowledge of Medicine, Biology and Anatomy to solve the problems posed by Law”, and added that to carry it out it requires “an organization and some material and personal means”.

Challenges for the future

The president of the TSJPV, Inaki Subijanafor his part, has listed the challenges that, in his opinion, Legal Medicine faces and has cited, among them, the Teaching Unit itself, which must collect the advances in technological development and in the evolution of science.

“All this integrated into the articulation of the role of experts in judicial processes, with independence, impartiality and technical rigor”, he said.

The Chief Prosecutor, Carmen Adán, has considered that the IVML is a “body that supports judges and prosecutors, and collaborates with many other organizations”, and has maintained that its work must be governed by excellence and training.

In his speech, the director of the IVML, Roberto Cubero, explained that the institute’s work system is based on teamwork, with specializations but “with agile and coordinated responses with the rest of the service”, and with an equitable distribution of the issues and an offer in accordance with the current Administration of Justice.

To achieve these objectives, it must also have a comprehensive training plan, and the necessary resources to “offer quality”, as it has been pointed out.

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