Legend: The first flight of the avant-garde Henry Cow

Henry Cow Leg End

The debut album by the English experimental band was released on 31 August 1973.core group of the glamorous “Canterbury” scene that emerged in the late 60s

henry cow
Henry Cow Legend (also Legend or Leg End)

Virgin Records. 1973. England

I heard a band for the first time at the young age of 17 national health, That group immediately fascinated me because to me it was spontaneous music that was filled with elements that we find in jazz, psychedelic music and rock.

Music, controversial and complex by definition, is then said to have been a way for some of its composers to improvise within certain premises that were somehow related to the region where its development began.

A steady circulation among members of various bands that originated in the said area during the 60s and 70s gradually created a sonic identity that attracted the attention of those days, centered in the Canterbury, Kent, England area.

The result was an eclectic expression that took unexpected risks under the names wild flowers, Caravan, matcha mole, soft machine, Hour, Hatfield and North, gilgamesh, Egg, Bruford, National Healthsome are related CamelAnd one that concerns us today, half a century after his first print was published: henry cow,

Formed at the University of Cambridge in 1968, our revered band for this historic moment consisted of, Fred Frith And Tim hodgkinsonBoth multi-instrumentalist, drummer rhythm section chris cutler and bassist john greavesAnd Geoff Leigh on sax, flute and clarinet.

In addition, he participated jeremy banes (Collision), sarah greaves (choir) And Lindsey Cooper (Bassoon), under construction of the band with all audio engineering tom newman And mike old fieldand a simple cover showing only a stocking, the work of the award-winning ray smith†, who will make two more for the same reason henry cow ,disturbance1974; in appreciation of learning1975)

The eight-song list, four per side, was mostly composed by Fred Frithwho wrote three of them, co-wrote the fourth track with john greaves, By whom were two of the remaining four songs written? Tim Hodgkinson And two for the whole band.

Recorded between May and June 1973 at The Manor Studio, Oxfordshire, England, the set begins with the hilarious title of the first track. “Nirvana for rats” (Nirvana for Rats), an instrumental piece rich in dissonances and improvised sections that reveals part of its intentions in about five minutes.

In this first theme, there is an important common thread around sax sound cascades that grow louder until the ending. The instrumentation reflects the influence of jazz on the group.

I must say that this song reminds – or rather inspires – of that album. to Pat metheny (guitar) and ornette coleman† (saxophone) released June 1986 song x, Free jazz in all its glory.

soon after the band offers us “Amygdala”

Made of Tim Hodgkinson, the most extensive in repertoire. The piece is another instrumental piece that showcases the spontaneous nature of this eccentric group, which is named after the “there was in the air” phenomenon according to its members.

In the theme, the rhythmic base emerges on which the wishful nature rests, seemingly for suitable purposes through passages that retain a clear contemporaneity even after 50 years.

Then henry cow surprised us with a three-part suite called “teen thrashing” and what is it made of “Teenbeat Intro”, “teen thrashing” And “Teenbeat Reprise”,

Excerpt from topic titled ,with yellow half moon and blue star, That band embeds between the second part and the third part.

Made of Fred Frith Commissioned by the Cambridge Contemporary Dance Group, the title alludes to a work by the painter paul klee, (1879–1940)

Clear improvisation of the saxophone and guitar phrases forms a complex framework unfolding with full control of a clearly atonal nature that ends with a brief guitar articulation of the third section, 1:16.

repertoire continues with a soundscape called ,tenth chaffinch,, Where? henry cow Demonstrates sounds but without expressing any words. From my point of view it is the most organic of the eight pieces in the set.


album ends “The Nine Funerals of the Citizen King”, the only composition on the album that is sung. ,Beneath the spectacle of freedom / No one’s ever let you see / Citizen king / Ruling over the splendid architecture of burning cities where we buy and sell / La la la la la la la la la la la la / That snark a Tha / Boojum, everyone knows this / But a rose is a rose, it is a rose / Grandfather’s mother said in 1919,

The theme is sung partly in unison with the strings and is also rich in organicity.

It is worth mentioning two important aspects about this extinct band which has left us a legacy of five albums.

One is that his musical work breaks from all schema, incorporating unusual metrics, tape loops, free improvisation to the highest degree, neoclassical, rock and jazz elements, resulting in an avant-garde musical proposition that is absolutely at odds with the mainstream. the opposite happens.

The flip side takes us back to the year 1978 when henry cow invited band windy Six (Italy), Samla mothers Manna (Sweden), university Zero (Belgium) and atron the end lelublan (France) to take part in a festival organized by henry cow called Rock in Opposition (Rio)Since the common factor of these groups was protest, independence and a determination to make their own voice without following conventions.

Today River It is considered a subgenre of rock.

Let’s take a little peek into the past and go back to August 1973 to surprise ourselves fable

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