Legendary rally driver and star of games like Need for Speed, Dirt and Forza, Ken Block, dies


The legendary rally driver and co-founder of DC Shoes, Ken Block, passed away on Monday, January 2. The Need for Speed, Dirt and Forza star was killed in an accident while riding his snowmobile.

Ken has been competing and winning since the 2000s, making him one of the most famous rally drivers in the world. “Ken was a visionary, a trailblazer and an icon. We will miss him very much,” said representatives of Hoonigan Industries, the former brand of the pilot.

The pilot also became very famous thanks to his “Gymkhana” video series on Youtube. In them he performed incredible feats with his car, earning him almost 5 and a half million subscribers.


The GTA Online community came together to honor Ken by recreating his iconic Mustang. Once recreated, the car was posted on the game’s subreddit, where several users mourned the death of the pilot. One fan wrote: “He was my idol and the reason I got into motorsport.”

But in addition to being a star on the racetrack, the driver is also It has appeared in a few video games. His most recent appearance was in 2015’s Need for Speed, where players could interact with Ken and even drive his Ford Mustang Hoonicorn.

We are very sorry for the death of Ken Block, who lived by performing feats in the Rally and doing incredible maneuvers with his cars. It is obvious that the pilot left a legacy in the world of motorsports, as well as in the world of video gamessince it has been immortalized in Need for Speed.

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