Lembra-se from “Ghosted”? Chris Evans says Fez film with Ana de Armas “could have been better” – Actualidad

After the success of “Knives Out” in 2019, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas reunited in “Ghosted” this year, but the result was not as expected.

Chris Evans himself admitted this in an interview given to GQ before the beginning of the 20-year career of two great Hollywood actors in Hollywood.

The official description of the current comedy, released on Apple TV+ in late April, was, “Rapaz conches rapariga. Rapaz suddenly ceases communication without notice. Rapaz finds himself involved in an international espionage network.”

In the story written by the conspirators of “Homem-Aranha: Same Volta a Casa”, the pair of “Deadpool” were at the mercy of Cole or this “Raptor”, who had completely fallen in love with the mysterious Sadie, such “Raptor “For”, and after ceasing all communication decided to go to London in his attempt.

In their second and more intense “encounter”, Cole learns that Sadie is a secret agent and, when she gets there, she is on an international adventure to save the world.

The film was panned by most critics and the platform announced that it was the most watched original film ever in its first few days of release.

Describing what he achieved for “Ghosted”, Evans said that “It’s like he made some movies when he was growing up and we probably don’t see a lot of them today. And that’s He is one with whom people never get tired.” Or any of those kinds of movies.””.

He said, “I don’t realize that the audience is tired and still thinks it’s not (…) Technically, that’s what we’re saying in terms of the audience.”

He said, “Critics don’t like it. But that’s more the film’s fault than the public’s hunger. Even though the hunger exists, it feels like it’s just the way it should be. We could have been better.”


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