Lenda director Yoo Soo regrets the ending of Will Smith’s film: “We’re all nervous!” – Cinema News

Smith will return in a longer 2007 sequel, along with Michael B. Jordan will also be in attendance.

You Sue a Landa are, without a doubt, the two most popular films of Will Smith’s career. An adaptation of Richard Matheson’s romance, published in 1954, the long sci-fi story is a page-turner, mixing mystery and drama in an engaging way.

Following the confirmation of a sequel, the longer film’s director, Francis Lawrence, revealed in 2007, more than fifteen years after the original film’s release, that it should have been filmed as a true finale to the literary work.

Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan Yu to star in Soo A Landa 2; It is interpreted as an alternative ending where it fits into the original sequence.

Regarding the cut that came to theaters and the alternate ending that was later revealed, Story said, “Out of the two we have, I prefer the original ending.” About romance, really make it that story.”

He completes: “Like spending money, we’re all afraid of doing something too nihilistic. But looking back, I think everyone watched O Último Homem na Terra e Gostou for the same reason and still enjoyed (eu su a lenda) the nihilistic ending.

You’re Will Smith and Michael B. Why does the sequence with Jordan go apart from Yoo Soo to Landa 2?

In the plot, a terrible incurable virus, bred by Homem, spreads through the population of New York. Robert Neville (Smith) is a brilliant scientist who is immune to the virus without knowing how. He has been roaming around the city for three years and sending radio messages, hoping to find someone alive.

Robert is always accompanied by mutant victims of the virus, waiting for the right moment to attack him. Also, tests are conducted with their own blood to find a way to reverse the effects of the virus. At the end of U Su A Lenda, Neville sacrifices himself to give the situation to two other survivors who will survive.

Considering the sequel was confirmed last year, it should be noted that an alternate ending was recorded and revealed. Nelle, the persona, understands that the creatures still have humanity, consciousness, and frees the infected they had captured. Thus, he, Anna (Alice Braga) and Ethan (Charlie Tahan) pursue a colony of survivors.

The next step, Joe Smith along with Michael B. Jordan should be considered as an option. “The film will pick up a few decades after its first film,” said Akiva Goldsman, director of the original film.

“We return to (the inspiration for) the alternate ending as opposed to the final release in Matheson’s original book and the original film. What Matheson was saying was that Homum’s time as a dominant species on the planet was over, an interesting thing we’re going to explore. “You’ll have a little more fidelity to the original text.”

Eu Sou a Lenda 2 should reach theaters in mid-2025.

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