Leo Messi totally lost during the PSG festivities, the video makes people talk

Paris Saint-Germain was able to celebrate its 10th Ligue 1 title this Saturday evening in front of its audience at the Parc des Princes. During the 38th and last day of the championship, PSG largely dominated FC Metz (5-0). But the most important was not there. Indeed, the event of the evening was of course the announcement of the extension of Kylian Mbappé in the club of the capital.. The world champion extended until 2025. The party was therefore total and the frustration linked to the premature elimination in the Champions League was put aside a little and the Parisian supporters experienced this extension as a title.

Everyone rejoiced but one man seemed elsewhere: Lionel Messi.

Messi’s sad look raises questions

Indeed, at the time of the celebrations, the Argentinian seemed not to take advantage of the moment with a sad or even thoughtful face. The pictures speak a lot. Could it be that he is no longer the star he was when he still wore the colors of FC Barcelona? Does Kylian Mbappé’s ever-growing celebrity leave him wondering? One thing is certain, we don’t see him as the happiest of people, as these images show:

Internet users react

On social networks, netizens have commented en masse on the body language and face of Lionel Messi not smiling as he has just won another national league title.

We read on Twitter:

  • ”Lionel Messi yesterday at the title celebration Poor Leo, he can’t pretend it shows he’s NOT HAPPY!!!”
  • ”It’s not necessarily that… the guy he suffered to reach 5 league goals, his only consolation was the D passes but Mbappe the leader won everything he doesn’t know what to do anymore the guy will be there another 3 years he is just thinking about the shock…”
  • ”He sees that he is no longer at the center of a project and a club and that he is also aging when next to him there is a 23-year-old mom who scores goal after goal and who becomes the number 1 star of the Soccer world, lil seum but he has a huge career… ”
  • ” He will understand that the years pass and he can still do great things by shining less, by working precisely with Kyky to win a new CL, if he does, we will highlight his erasure to win and be at the service of the club and not the opposite, what he has never known, knowing how to renew himself, it is also the mark of the great… Is he able to do it, that’s something else…”
  • ”Messi is finito but if he does things correctly, that recruitment brings in workers, his only vista and quality of pass will be very useful especially with the killer Mbappe…”


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