Leo Messi would not want to renew with PSG!

At the beginning of this year, Leo Messi’s renewal with Paris Saint-Germain seemed like a closed case. The Argentine, motivated by the leading role he has in the Parque de los Príncipes and his good start to the season, had made the final decision to extend his stay for one more year, until the summer of 2024, in principle. It was expected that the renewal would be signed immediately, but so far there has been no progress.

In the midst of the wait, new information from Gerard Romero in ‘Jijantes’ ensures that, to this day, the extension of the current world champion’s agreement with PSG is not as clear as it seems. The Catalan journalist has made reference to the fact that Messi has no intention of renewing the contract with the team from the capital of France and that the victory in Qatar “made him change his mind”.

Thus, according to this information, the future of the former FC Barcelona player is up in the air with less than six months to go before his contract with PSG ends. It is no secret to anyone that, despite the fact that it was difficult for him to adapt in his first season, in recent months Leo Messi had given signs that he was finally very comfortable in Paris and that, therefore, He was betting on his continuity for at least one more year.

Meanwhile, ‘La Pulga’ has received endless calls and offers. He is a free agent and is experiencing a new renaissance in his career in which he has found the best version of himself, with PSG and with Argentina, which he led to become world champion last December . Now, it will remain to be seen what his final decision will be and if he will go for a new change of scenery or stay in the Parque de los Príncipes.

The Barça, waiting

Although the doubts that Leo Messi would have are not an indication that he could return to FC Barcelona two years after his departure, “hopes” do return after the club gave him 100% loss at the insistence of PSG renew him. Gerard Romero explained that the footballer’s relationship with the Barcelona squad is currently “very good” and that the ‘frictions’ of the past have been left behind.

Likewise, he has commented that, in the event that Messi does not renew with PSG, Barça will work hard to get him to return, despite the club’s “eternal” problems with the salary mass. Nevertheless, they are not the only ones. To day of today, ‘The Flea’ has some offers on the table of several clubs of Europe that want him for the next season.

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