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Almost three decades have passed since the premiere of one of the most influential cult films of the history of cinema. A fiction that made Natalie Portman famous, who was only 13 years old when she starred in this film with Jean Reno and Gary Oldman in 1994. film has become one of the most viewed Netflix and continues to garner followers from different generations.

It’s about a police drama that had compliments but also controversy over the relationship between its protagonists in the plot. he also left a great villain on the big screen.

We refer to “Lion” -also known as “The Professional (Leon)” either “The perfect assassin“, the French film by Luc Besson with the performances of Portman, Reno and Oldmana jewel of cinema that has become a trend within the aforementioned streaming platform.

Mathilda and Léon practicing with a firearm (Photo: Columbia Pictures)
Mathilda and Léon practicing with a firearm (Photo: Columbia Pictures)


The movie talks about the story of Mathilda and Leon. She is a young woman who ends up in the orphanhood after the mobster DEA agent Norman Stansfield murders his entire family. when discovering that his father stole the drug that he hid in his house. The girl is saved from the attack because she had gone shopping.

In this way, she approaches an apartment near the massacre and convinces Léon that she can live with him. The man is a hit man. He refuses at first but ends up giving in. The youngest actually wants him to teach her how to kill.

In this way, Mathilda will embark on her path to revenge: take down the corrupt Stansfield. Along the way, he takes care of Léon’s housework and an unusual relationship arises between the two, one of the most controversial points in the story that is debated to this day.

“Léon”, in this way, is a film about revenge. Mathilda prepares everything to finish off the DEA agent, but her plan doesn’t turn out the way she expected. With intrigue, unexpected resolutions and tension, the fiction remains a cult film, a recent classic.

Gary Oldman as Norman Stansfield in "Lion" (Photo: Columbia Pictures)
Gary Oldman in the role of Norman Stansfield in “Léon” (Photo: Columbia Pictures)


  • Jean Reno as Leon
  • Gary Oldman as Norman Stansfield
  • Natalie Portman as Mathilda Lando
  • Danny Aiello as Tony
  • Peter Appel as Malky
  • Willi One Blood as Blood
  • Don Creech as Neal
  • Keith A. Glascoe as Benny
  • Randolph Scott as Jordan
  • Michael Badalucco as Mathilda’s Father
  • Ellen Greene as Mathilda’s stepmother
  • Elizabeth Rege as Mathilda’s Sister
  • Carl J. Matusovich as Mathilda’s Brother
  • Frank Senger as Fatman
  • Lucius Wyatt as Fool
  • Maïwenn as The blonde girl
  • George Martin as The Hotel Clerk
  • Adam Busch as Manolo


The movie “Lion” is available on the streaming platform Netflix, being one of the most viewed in the catalogue. To watch the film online, you can click on this link.


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