Leonardo Di Caprio, the transformation that upsets the whole world

Leonardo Di Caprio has decided to make large investments for the future, especially in the food sector. Let’s find out more.

Leonardo Dicaprio He is not only one of the most talented, loved and established actors in Hollywood and beyond, but he has also always been a great activist in the field of the environment, sustainable energy and respect for Nature in all its forms. His speech at the Academy ceremony: In fact, while Leo was collecting his well-deserved Oscar, he chose to focus his speech on his own environmental activism, gorgeous everyone in the room. This time it was no less and the actor decided to do large investments for the future, in particular in the field of food.

Cultured meat: the new investment by Leonardo Di Caprio

A new investment for Di Caprio, this time in food sector and, in particular, for a new food system innovative. It is about meat cultivated: ie meat derived from animal cells: “One of the most effective ways to combat the climate crisis is transform our food system. “- explained Leonardo -“Mosa Meat and Aleph Farms offer new ways to meet world demand for beef, solving some of the most pressing problems of today’s industrial meat production. “

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Thanks to this new technology, the serious problem of industrial meat production, which has a large environmental impact that would be significantly reduced. “I am very pleased to join them as an advisor and investor as they prepare to introduce consumer-grown beef.”- concluded Leonardo. Not only that, the risk of finding antibiotics And pathogens in beef it is high and could be significantly reduced thanks to the use of cultured meat.

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The team of Mosa Meat welcomed Di Caprio with great joy and strong interest: “Leonardo DiCaprio’s work to bring about positive change is closely aligned with Mosa Meat’s mission. We are thrilled to bring it on board as consultant and investor and to work together to feed current and future generations in a sustainable way.”The CEO of Mosa Meat Maarten Bosch he strongly believes in this new collaboration, strongly desired by the actor, and is very happy to share this vision of the world and the future with Di Caprio.

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