Leonardo DiCaprio, a house worth (almost) 6 million for a special person


A nearly six million euro ($ 7.1 million) home for a special person: bought it in the neighborhood of Los Angeles of Los Feliz the Oscar-winning actor Leonardo Dicaprio for the mother.

There property is Spanish colonial style and dates back to 1928, previously it was also inhabited by other stars of the entertainment world, starting with the previous owners from whom the actor bought the house: or Jesse Tyler Ferguson, known among her many roles for that of Mitchell Pritchett in the TV series Modern Family, and her lawyer husband Justin Mikita who bought her in 2013. In 1998, however, she was bought by Gwen Stefani and then husband Gavin Rossdale .

The house was bought by the Oscar-winning actor mother Irmelin Indenbirken, as the New York Post, with whom he has a wonderful relationship and who has often been seen parading with him at the premieres. And it was DiCaprio who told about their relationship, he did it also in 2016 when he won the Bafta Award for The Revenant, stating: “There is a person I have to thank, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my mom – he had told -. I wasn’t born into a life of privilege, but I grew up in a very tough neighborhood in East Los Angeles. This woman drove for three hours every day to get me to go to a different school and show me that, in the world, there were other opportunities as well. “

There house purchased by DiCaprio is very large: inside there are four bedrooms and five bathrooms, a library and a living room with stone fireplace and very high ceilings. Outside there is a swimming pool, a wellness center and a room for practicing meditation and yoga. The house is accessed through a driveway surrounded by greenery and there is a large garage which leads inside.

It is not the first purchase of this type that the actor makes, reports the New York Post, which in 2018 had already bought a property (also dating back to the 1920s) in the same area of ​​Los Angeles, but this time for his father George DiCaprio, stepmother Peggy Ann Farra and Leonardo DiCaprio’s niece: Normandie.

Purchases designed for the family, but not only because his is also known concrete interest in environmental protection. Leonardo DiCaprio has been talked about a lot in recent days also for the commitment he has made to donate 43 million dollars (or about 35 million euros) for some conservation projects in the Galápagos Islands.


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