Leonardo DiCaprio against the illegal trade in animals

Leonardo DiCaprio supports Daniel Alarcon and David Grunbaum’s project, photographing animals to raise awareness of illegal trafficking and poaching in Latin America

The well-known star of Hollywood Leonardo Dicaprio has already made headlines for his commitment and dedication in the campaigns in favor ofenvironment.

A convinced supporter of nature, this time he has decided to take sides and assert his popularity against the illegal trade in animals in Latin America.

In particular, through a post on Facebook draws the attention of its followers on the phenomenon of illicit trafficking of wild parrots. In these territories, they are captured and traded for the pet market. Such actions have a very negative effect on the survival of these creatures.

In this sense, the American actor cites the contribution offered by Daniel Alarcon and from David Grunbaum, authors of a very interesting project aimed at raising awareness on storage of the species.

But let’s see in more detail what it is.

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“Retratos de familia”

“Retratos de familia” is the book that Daniel Alarcon and his colleague David Grunbaum they published in 2020. It contains in 200 pages the images of 108 species of animals present in Bolivia. The subjects portrayed include invertebrates, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

This project, which took six years of hard work to implement, aims to raise awareness and knowledge of the public on the illegal trade in animals wild in Latin America.

But how did the authors think of promoting this denunciation and information?

Through some photos they produce empathy and compassion in the viewer, in order to make him notice how similar animals are to human beings.

Alarcon and Grunbaum hope to engage as many people as possible by opening their eyes to the gravity of practices such as poaching or the illicit trafficking, which undermine the conservation and safety of these creatures.

In fact, the ultimate intention of the volume is precisely to encourage and support the protection of such species.

In relation to this, Alarcon he has declared: “Basically what generates empathy is a feeling of closeness. And this is what gave rise to the portraits in the book that represent members of our own family and as such we must take care of them ”.

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The photographs that impressed Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio said in his post that the photographs of Alarcon and Grunbaum are truly incredible. They fully represent the complaint message they intend to send.

The authors took a lot of time and effort to make them. Hours and hours waiting for the perfect shot that was able to arouse strong feelings even in the heart of the most detached individual.

The absolute protagonists of these images are the animals, portrayed on black or white background. This neutral color choice allows the lights to stand out to the maximum colors of the foreground subjects.

Photograph of parrots featured in the book “Retratos de familia”

Between photos the most significant are two in particular. The first is that of a little one puma wounded by hunters, who during the healing phase, as Grunbaum recounts, entertained himself by playing with men, regardless of what they had done to him.

The second is one of those that required more patience and concerns theAndean bear, also known as the spectacled bear due to the pale fur around its eyes.

[Immagini dal profilo Facebook di Leonardo DiCaprio]


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