Leonardo DiCaprio and the fake news of a Star Wars themed appointment

These days the (false) news of the apparent break between Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone, Argentine actress and model. In communicating what is in effect fake news, the site in question has invented an insolent tale than what Morrone would have defined the worst date of my life ”, with a Star Wars theme. Look what they came up with!

The Star Wars themed appointment

In the tweet above you can see the fake story of Morrone, a 24-year-old model: “He rented an entire movie theater and made me watch every single ‘STAR WARS’ movie as he ran with his lightsaber pretending to fight bad guys”. The scene of Leonardo DiCaprio running around brandishing his lightsaber and feigning fights will remain etched in our minds for a long time. It must be said that they really had a great fantasy, but as mentioned, the news was promptly denied.

In our video we told you about when, in 2002, Leonardo DiCaprio was very close to playing Anakin Skywalker in the prequel trilogy. On that occasion he said he was a huge Star Wars fan, but we don’t know if he can be up to this point. However, there is similar news that is true: Jonah Hill, an actor who joined him in The Wolf of Wall Street, told in a recent interview that DiCaprio forced him to see The Mandalorian.

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