Leonardo Garcia confirms he will challenge Don Andres’ will

Leonardo, son of Andrés García/Agencia Mexico

Leonardo, son of Andrés García/Agencia Mexico

Five months after the death of Andrés García, his son Leonardo said he would not sit idly by to reclaim his famous father’s wealth.

Despite the fact that the protagonist Pedro Navajas left a will, Leonardo García, during his recent meeting with the press, assured that the son of Andres López Portillo, Margarita, widow and executor of the long-lived actor Don Andres There were some differences as well.

Leonardo Garcia with Andres Garcia, Andres López Portillo and Margarita Portillo / Courtesy

Leonardo Garcia with Andres Garcia, Andres López Portillo and Margarita Portillo / Courtesy

“The interview I came to give, what I said about the palace and everything that my father asked me to say, that is, I didn’t insult anyone, I was very calm, I was perfect I was just like ‘Good boss, what do you want me to do? You can do whatever you want with your properties’, (he told me) ‘This guy hasn’t replied to me, he has already sold other properties’ ‘, I’m fine, but what do you want me to do boss?’, (he replied) ‘Go to the media and say what I’m telling you’, and that’s what I did”, the actor added. The famous property belonged to the said artist.

Later, the businesswoman also revealed that Andrés Portillo allegedly took advantage of her father. “He told me very clearly that López Portillo had sold, a (property) he had given to him when he was alive, which I know for sure, but El Castillo told me that was not the case, it He had money and he didn’t answer the phone for two months and they didn’t even give him the money.”

In this sense, it is that Leonardo confessed that his relatives would fight for the inheritance of Don Andrés. “In them they walk, that’s the kind of thing I repeat, I live on the sidelines, I don’t like this kind of gossip, I’m an actor, I’ve worked my whole life, and scamming is not my forte” That’s the type you know me very well,” he declared.

When first talked about the idea of ​​making a biography of the actor, Leo expressed: “Yeah, absolutely there is, but I’m not much involved in talking about these issues, but well, there’s the legacy situation. And all these things that my father was already big, maybe he doesn’t look good, he was already very big, anyway let’s see what happens”.

Leonardo Garcia/Courtesy with Andres Garcia

Leonardo Garcia with Andres Garcia / Courtesy

Eventually, Leonardo Garcia turned up to star in a biographical series of his father. He said about this, “Obviously, we have many things in common, but if not, I will do it in the future and there are many good things to tell.”

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