Leonardo Grisanty leaves the PLD and goes after Leonel

The leader of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Leonardo Grisanty, who for years was a staunch defender of the executions of the former president of the Republic, Daniel Medina, announced that he is leaving the organization, “to have a more promising future” for the country and the people.

Another of the reasons alleged by the former official and member of the Central Committee of the former government party was that he made the decision to go after “New political horizons that very soon will have to come together in a single project with the PLD in an attempt to continue contributing to progress, well-being and a return to power.”

“I have made this firm decision with the hope of returning to the doctrines taught by Professor Juan Bosch and continuing his legacy of ethical conduct”Leonardo GrisantyPolitician

In the letter of resignation, Grisanty did not specify which party he is going to and that he understands that he will join the PLD to return to the National Palace, but later in a tweet that he posted on his account, he announced that he will be sworn in this Thursday at the People’s Force (PF), which is chaired by the former President of the Republic, Leonel Fernández.

Fernández founded the FP when he left the presidency of the PLD after 46 years of uninterrupted militancy and 17 years as its president. At the time he alleged that the corruption that existed in the party from the top had forced him to make the decision.

Grisanty served in the two terms of government of Daniel Medina in the General Directorate of Communication (Dicom) of the Presidency. He was managing director and during his work he defended tooth and nail every action taken by former president Medina.

The letter in which he announced his resignation was sent this Wednesday

Grisanty’s resignation was addressed to Daniel Medinain his capacity as President of the PLD, and Charlie Mariotti, general secretary of the organization, as well as the other members of the party. The document is dated tomorrow, May 12, the day he announced that it will be his swearing-in at the FP.

He also said that “In his new horizon he has received affection and affable treatment.”

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