L’esport, the best medicine for us

LUISINA DAIVES, Psychologist of AMADEM, NGO for Mental Health of the Marina Alta.

AMADEM will participate in a Conference on Sports and Mental Health in Valencia at the end of June, organized by Fundació SASM, SportSa and CREAP and promoted by the Conselleria d’Igualtat i Politiques Inclusives.

The day will be made up of a series of presentations on mental health and sports, in addition to various activities of sports practice, both in therapeutic modalities such as yoga, zumba or cycling with a more competitive environment such as soccer 7, handball , swimming or petanque.

It is prou conegut l’efecte positiu that you have any sporting practice or movement of the cos in our mental health. Let’s hope that a time arrives in which medicine prescribes “fer sport, in lloc de qualsevol anxiolític”, the effect will be semblant and sense cap negative consequence.

The activities will take place in the Turia gardens and the Petxina complex. The organization will offer the participants a healthy dinar and a delicious paella per dinar. The objective of these conferences is to make the mental health collection visible, to encourage active and healthy attitudes in the members of this collection, along with the stimulation and socialization provided by the practice of sports col lectius.

We have to continue to work, from the beginning that each person has in society, to include, adapt and integrate functional diversity. As we become more aware of the crucial importance of mental health in a person’s life, we will be able to approach a global and holistic health. Remember that when we start our day by day, take care of our habits, personal relationships, end to the concept that we have of our mateixos; These will be the pillars in which our mental health will be enhanced. And yes, but against, I’m not alone, we can’t, if we ask for help, look for specialist professional advice. With more prompt ho fem, better will be the prognosis that we will have.

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