“Let’s go down a little early, because they’re going down at full speed”

ZaZa heads to the adidas Arena areaIn District 18, where the badminton and rhythmic gymnastics competitions will take place at the Olympic Games. One of the most famous areas for drug trafficking and in what He is entering with a recommendation from a friend. The co-host of Apatrulando asks his companion if it is one of the most conflict areas of Paris, to which he replies, “Yes, if you are not from there.” The YouTuber explains that according to whoever goes with him at night, the level of danger increases a lot because all the drug addicts who live in that area go out and he personally knows about it. He has seen people stab themselves to get drugs,

Zaza explains that the people in the neighborhood pay a lot of attention to them because they are not used to seeing cameras, they want to know what they do. Walking, co-host Apatrulando and his guide arrive at a building where they see a lot of people, but when they get closer they leave. The companion approaches the entrance to talk to a kind of doorman and asks if they can go up. This person, When she sees the cameras she panics and tries to throw them out.. In the end, everything turns out to be a misunderstanding and he allows them access to the building. In the portal, Zaza is surprised because it is deserted whereas earlier there were about 10 people there.

The youtuber takes a lift and He goes up to the 26th floor and is surprised by the strong smell.there are people smoking inside. The co-host of Apatrulando comes downstairs looking for people who are drinking inside. Zaza It passes a group of young people who are smoking there. His partner tells him that his time there would have been very different if he had gone alone.”Let’s go down a little earlyBecause I hear they are going down at full speed,” he becomes cautious and comments that “if the situation gets worse, they have about 12 floors left to go down, this is something I don’t like very much.” “I want to avoid staying here for two hours because The first time they think about it and the second time they act” he explains nervously. Eventually, they manage to reach the portal and the danger is averted.

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