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Dear Beppe, can we talk a little about health? Not of covid, of petty sanity. For reasons that I am not going to explain, every 3 years I have to have a gastroscopy. It’s been like this since 2007. So, the first time, I had to wait 2 months. Now, I have no urgency, it is enough for me to stay in the three years: we are in January 2022 if they give me an appointment in September, that’s okay for me. Instead, with the SSN we are on June 1, 2023. A year and a half. But paying (198 € + 80 of biopsies) goes to the 26th of this month of January 2022. Is it the fault of the pandemic? Not so much: the last time I took the exam on 1 July 2019, the covid wasn’t there, and even then I had to pay (150 + 80 €) not to wait for spring 2020. And thank goodness because then in 2020 I they would have canceled the exam due to lockdown. Ah, let’s talk about Lombard health, often referred to as excellent. But at the ministry of health, are they aware of these situations? Who today is babbling about reinforcing public health should explain why in the same area of ​​the same Italian region and for the same diagnostics the waiting times have gone from 2 months of 2007 to over a year of 2019.

Stefano Conti, sctrivella@gmail.com

January 14, 2022 (change January 14, 2022 | 12:30)


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