Lety Calderón talks about Juan Collado and reacts to a love proposal

Leticia Calderón / Mexico Agency

Leticia Calderón / Mexico Agency

The actress Leticia Calderón talked about different topics during the video call she had with the program First handafter in recent days he confirmed his third contagion of covid-19.

Clarifying that she continues to carry out all the care measures so that her children do not get the virus, the interpreter confessed that she wants to put part of her clothing up for sale to help different people in need, in addition to talking about the father of her children and their love life.

“Look, I can’t collect money, I want to make a bazaar with all my clothes that I took out, a lot of clothes are branded, a lot of clothes I used in events as prizes, etc., a lot of clothes are from soap operas, that I used in soap operas, and yes It is to raise money and donate it, not to donate the money, because I do not like to donate money, but to donate medicine for children with cancer, “he said about his altruistic desire.

And she added: “Right now I am collecting clothes that also came from this contagion, because I already have a lot of clothes, many things for an orphanage for girls, a home for girls, and where my friends, my neighbors, have helped me, They have sent me divine things, I already have my garage full, that is to take it to a home for girls and material to make necklaces and things, because I really like doing that, and that is why I made these cereal boxes for them, with lots of love”.

Leticia Calderón / Mexico Agency

Leticia Calderón / Mexico Agency

When talking about her children and last Father’s Day, Leticia confessed that the young people were recently able to talk with Juan Collado, who is still in preventive detention for organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin.

“He spoke to them and I was very happy because he had time not to communicate, so he already spoke with the boys to congratulate him and they were very happy to be able to speak with him,” he said about it.

On the other hand, because during the interview Lety wore a cap with Maleficent horns, the jokes and comments about it were immediate, especially when related to a possible deception, to which the artist said with a smile: “Well, I’m used to them.”

Later, the former Garbildi, Charly López, who was presenting the program, took advantage of the moment to ask Calderón if he had a partner, to which she replied: “Look, not right now, I’m not looking.”

Finally, the singer raised his hand to offer himself as a candidate; However, the actress replied: “oh, my life, I’m happy…, no, you know what? I believe in love, I was born to love, to be loved, because I really like when I have a partner, take care of him, pamper him , pamper him, admire him, accompany him, but right now between the pandemic, between the project, between the children I have not had the opportunity to continue with my friends, to learn more, I think that tomorrow will come, I feel that the God’s times are perfect, and I have never looked for myself, I like to surprise myself in life”.


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