Letzte Chance for Fashion Week – November 19, 2023

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Check out Pokémon GO news on November 19, 2023. Here’s the upcoming Fashion Week, Mega Raids, and Team-Play event on PoGO.

San Francisco – Einen wunderschönen Freitag, coach! This article will also be published in the latest Pokémon GO news. And now you know what a style is all about, since the Donnerstag is the gestatet of Fashion Week. We will also be able to see a preview of the same day in the popular mobile game from Niantics. Here you will find the latest information for November 19, 2023 about Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO: News on November 19: team play event along with games and mega raids

Team play starts next time: Pokémon GO will always be available to everyone who loves the new game, without even wanting it. In the new feature you can find even more information about the Trainer at level 15 and on a card. Once again there is a risk that Team-Herausforderungen und einige spannende Boni. It was all the news, read in Laufe des Tages bei ingame.de.

Mega-Kangama taucht auf: From November 16 to 30 you can find your Mega-Kangama in Mega-Raids in Pokémon GO. Was the best Angreifer gegen den Raid-Boss sind, erfahrt ihr en unserem Konter-Guide:

PoGO: Fashion Week and C-Day Classic – new angekündigt events

Fashion Week today: Seit Mittwoch, on November 15, läuft diesjährige Fashion Week. Bei dem Event könnt ihr erstmals ein Dragoran, sowie Felino und Weiterentwicklung Morlord mit stylischem Look fangen. On November 19th the Event ends once again, also once again the possibility of good and shiny things arises, once again it is not possible to have a chance.

  • Want? Fashion Week 2023 from November 15 to 10 to November 19 to 20 (Ortszeit)
  • Mit Glück könnt ihr also Dragoan und Felino in ihren Shiny-Formen fangen

This was also the case with Pokémon and Boni at Fashion Week 2023, which was repeated in another article from the event.

New Improved Community Day Classic: A new Community Day Classic will also be added to Pokémon GO. Dabei steht das Elektro-Pokémon Voltilamm im Focus des Events. Also new, be happy Forschung wird es geben. Was genau euch beim Community Day an Boni erwartet, erfahrt ihr im Laufe des Tages hier auf ingame.de.

A list of the Pokémon GO logo
What’s new in Pokémon GO in November 2023 © Niantuic / ingame.de (Montage)

Pokémon GO: News on November 18 – The most important events of the week

Welche Events werden this Woche wichtig? Es gibt wieder einige Events, die ihr in Kalenderwoche 46 nicht verpassen solltet. In other tables there are a few clicks, which was the next day in Pokémon GO. (*Pokémon as Shiny)

14. November Rampenlicht-Stunde mit Haspiror* & Entwicklungs-EP
15. November Raid-Stunde with Viridium*
15. bis 19. November Pokéstops-showcases with Mollimorba and Garstella
15. bis 19. November Fashion Week
November 16 to 23 5er-Raids with Kobalium*
November 16 to 30 Mega-Raids with Mega-Kangama*

Will there be any events taking place in Pokémon GO in November 2023? Mit dem kalten November neigt sich das Jahr dem Ende zu. Trotzdem lohnt es sich, weiter draußen auf Pokémon-Jagd zu gehen. The news will also be a month of November 2023 for Pokémon GO empfehlen. Dort verraten wir euch, welche Events sich kissers lohnen oder welche Events ihr sorgilos auslassen könnt. All other Pokémon GO news you will find the latest from Morgen in this article, which will be available for other activities.

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