Level Up the Couch with the East Coast Run featuring Alyssa Amidor

boston born soul pop band couch Bring out your new EP, Sunshoerto the East Coast for some of the group’s biggest headlining shows to date.

Connect with the winner of the 2022 Tiny Desk Contest Alissa AmadorCouch stopped in the band’s hometown for a show Royale on Friday before going to New York brooklyn bowl on Saturday. The energetic young septet played a similar setlist both nights, featuring songs from the new EP, the catchy “I’m Leavin’ (The Na-Na Song)”, and a wide range of covers. both shows included Justin BiberOf “sorry”, “conjunction junction”. schoolhouse rockAnd john fogerty”Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” with Alissa Amador joining in on vocals. Saturday covers included Billy Joel‘Vienna’ and Harry Styles“Late night talks”

Click below to view a gallery of photos from the couch at Brooklyn Bowl, courtesy of the photographer ken spielmanAnd scroll down to see the full setlist.

couch continues sunshower trip This week with shows in Bridgeport, CT, Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC before heading to the West Coast. For a full list of upcoming shows and to purchase tickets, visit the band’s website.

Sunlight Now available on all streaming platforms.

Setlist: Sofa | Royale | Boston, MA | 10/11/23

Set: Saturday, I’m Leavin’ (The Na-Na Song), L.A., Jessie, Conjunction Junction (Schoolhouse Rock), Still Feeling You, Sorry (Justin Bieber), Stand Up, Autumn, Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (John Fogerty) (with Alissa Amador), Black Bear Lane, Okay, Let Me Hold You, Let Me Hold You (Reprise), Poems, Fall Into Place, (I Wanted) Summer with You

Repeat: Loving is easy

Setlist: Sofa | Brooklyn Bowl | Brooklyn, NY | 11/11/23

Set: Saturday, I’m Leavin’ (The Na-Na Song), LA, Like Before, Poems, Vienna (Billy Joel), Jesse, Stand Up, Conjunction Junction (Schoolhouse Rock), Black Bear Lane, Have You Ever Seen the Rain ? (John Fogerty), Still Feeling You, Let Me Hold You, Sorry (Justin Bieber), Okay, Fall in Place, (I Wanted) Summer with You

Encore: Late Night Talking (Harry Styles), Easy to Love

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