Leviathans with the best rewards, ranked


  • stellar offers players the opportunity to encounter various wonders of the galaxy, from anomalies to archaeological sites, while building their empires.
  • Leviathans can be found in the game, some of which may be friendly, while others will attack relentlessly. Defeating or helping them can greatly benefit the player’s empire.
  • Different types of Leviathans, such as the Automated Dreadnought and Ether Drake, offer unique rewards such as resources, technology, and special traits for the admiral leading the fleet.

Aside from other sentient empires that may have been hostile or peaceful, players can also encounter many wonders of the galaxy while playing. stellarranging from anomalies that need to be resolved to archaeological sites that will reveal how empires of the past prospered before the player established their empire.

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Additionally, Leviathans can also be found as one of the galactic anomalies with varying degrees of friendship. Some can passively greet the player without any care, while others can instantly attack any fleet, be it a science ship or a military fleet. Helping or defeating those Leviathans could greatly improve the player’s empire as they try to survive in the harsh galaxy.

10 Automated battleship

Former stationary warship capable of destruction

Destroyed ancient battleship Stellaris

  • Save the Dreadnought for 5000 energy credits, 1000 alloys and massive engineering research points, either repair the Dreadnought to have a deadly Leviathan ship at your disposal

Within the vast galaxy, there is a chance for a player to encounter an Automated Dreadnought, an ancient warship permanently patrolling an empty system, immediately hostile to any foreign ship that enters the system. The ship will fire mercilessly at will and it will take a specialized approach to defeat it.

After defeat, the rubble of the Automated Battleship will give the empire two options. They can salvage the ancient warship to obtain a huge amount of energy credits, alloys and engineering research points or simply restore the ship to its greatness, increasing the power of the empire’s fleet.

9 Spectral spectrum

Wandering leviathan that can touch the capital of an empire

Stellaris Image: Spectral Spectrum

  • Defeating the Spectral Wraith will grant:
  • +5% Physical research speed
  • +5% Energy Weapon Damage
  • +10% Energy of jobs

Players who spot a strange pulsar with the Pulse Germination modifier will need to be on alert, as a unique wandering Leviathan called the Wraith Wraith can emerge from it and travel anywhere, including the capital of an empire. If helpless, a player can expect the system to be completely decimated of its starbases and outposts.

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Defeating this particular Leviathan will bring a host of advantages to an empire. A defeated Spectral Wraith will give an increase in Physics research speed, an increase in energy weapon damage, and additional energy credits from jobs.

8 Starite Devourer

Merciless leviathan capable of destroying systems

Stellaris studying the corpse of the Stellarite Devourer

  • Harvest his corpse for 10,000 energy credits, 2000 minerals, and 80 influence, either Study the egg sac for a deadly covert spy operation.

Activating a Star Eater upon entering a system is never fun for any star empire, much less when the Leviathan is angry enough to attack the empire’s systems and disable their starbases. Defeating the Leviathan is no walk in the park, as specialization is required for a fleet to match the power of the Leviathan.

While collecting the corpse can grant an enormous amount of resources to catapult an empire to power, studying its egg sac can be more rewarding with its special covert operation, Consume Star. If a covert operation Consume Star is successful, the system planted with the egg will lose all population and habitability within its planets, making it quite deadly in the right hands.

7 Void Spawn

The deadly surprise comes from a planet

Stellaris Voidspawn

  • Grants the ability to research a special Leviathan trait, cancel, either grants the ability to research a special technology, gigantic evolution

Settling on a planet should have been easy for the most part, but unlucky players can have a colonized planet that turns out to be an egg for an unborn Leviathan in Voidspawn form. Defeating such a creature requires an enormous amount of effort, as the Leviathan is quite strong.

However, an empire that is strong enough to defeat it will be able to research a special Leviathan trait that can be genetically modified into an empire’s species, granting additional habitability and causing the species to consume energy credits instead of food. Alternatively, it could also grant a special technology, Gargantuan Evolution, which increases energy credits for jobs.

6 Enigmatic fortress

A challenging Leviathan fortress with intricate puzzles

Complete Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress

  • Awards a large number of research points upon successful research.
  • Grants rare technologies: enigmatic coder and Enigmatic decoder after a successful investigation

An empire that finds an Enigmatic Fortress will face two difficult challenges: defeating the fortress, as well as an intricate puzzle to obtain a large number of rewards by successfully investigating the defeated Leviathan. Choosing the wrong options during the investigation will cause the Leviathan to activate again.

In addition to the large number of research points, successful research will also grant the player rare technologies: Enigmatic Encoder and Enigmatic Decoder. Both technologies grant unique ship components that are capable of making a player’s fleet stronger than their rivals.

5 Ether Drake

Space dragon protecting valuable treasures

Stellaris Image: Ether Drake

  • Grants 300 influence.
  • Special grants dragon hunter trait of the admiral who leads the fleet that defeated him
  • Grants Dragon’s Hoard, a unique system with a huge amount of resources.

A fantasy trope usually includes the slaying of a dragon that guards a large amount of treasure, and the same can be found in stellar also. Players can find Ether Drake in a star system with the unique name Dragon’s Hoard, with enormous potential for resource extraction.

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Aside from the Dragon Treasure, the Dragonslayer trait can also be acquired by the Admiral in command of the fleet that defeated the Leviathan. Additionally, a special blueprint will spawn in Dragon’s Hoard that will grant strong armor technology for ships and an egg that can be hatched to obtain a special controllable Ether Drake.

4 Scavenger Robot

Ancient construction that wanders eternally in search of remains

Stellaris Scavenger Bot almost destroyed

  • Grants multiple rare technologies:
  • Nanite Repair System
  • Nanite autocannon technology
  • Nano anti-aircraft battery
  • Two random Tier V ship components
  • A system with twenty minerals and 1 nanites

A huge battlefield will usually leave behind a lot of debris from destroyed ships, and this leads to the creation of a Leviathan called the Scavenger Bot, which patrols an ancient battlefield in search of remains to add to its monstrous body. Although strong, a specialized fleet focused on certain components can quickly take down the Scavenger Bot.

After defeating the Leviathan, a player can gain numerous advantages, including multiple rare technologies to improve ship designs and a system containing 20 minerals and a unique resource, Nanites, which can be used to assist in the construction of a megastructure.

3 infinite machine

A strange machine with constant calculation for eternity

Stellaris Infinity Machine Hostile Attack Station

  • It can help you in your calculation to have a chance to get a lot of research points. either destroyed by a large number of Minerals and influence

Avid explorers of the galaxy will sometimes come across a massive calculating machine that is passive and welcoming to any visitor curious about its presence. The machine, called the Infinity Machine, will ask an empire for help in its research into ‘infinity’, which the player can help by sending one of its brightest scientists.

Completing the special project can give an empire a research boost that can range from modest to numerous, depending on the random outcome of the event. On the other hand, simply destroying the machine can grant an empire a large amount of minerals and influence.

2 Matriarch Tiyanki

Guardian of a peaceful space-traveling species

Stellaris Image: Matriarch Tiyanki

  • When killed, grants an Admiral of Renown, Reth Unddol
  • In addition, it will also grant a powerful and unique battleship, the AH4B.
  • Grants the ability to research a special Leviathan trait, polymelic

Veterans of the game will be familiar with Tiyankis, a peaceful, space-traveling species that often passes through a system without any harmful intent. It turns out that all Tiyanki originated from a system with a huge Leviathan protecting it called Matriarch Tiyanki.

Players can choose to leave the system alone or defeat the Leviathan to claim numerous prizes. An admiral named Reth Unddol and his powerful battleship AH4B can be acquired by dissecting the Leviathan, as well as the option to obtain the Polymelic special trait to accelerate population growth.

1 Dimensional Terror

Nightmare creature from another plane of existence

Image from Stellaris: Dimensional Terror

  • It awards a large number of research points in Physics and Society.
  • Grants rare technology driving jump
  • Grants a special parade that could result in a massive research boost either total annihilation of a planet

A galaxy wouldn’t be complete without its horror, and it exists within the unique Leviathan that randomly generates a name called Dimensional Horror. This hideous monstrosity is a challenge to defeat, but its reward can prove tempting to any player attempting to risk their fleet.

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Defeating the Dimensional Horror will grant a large amount of research points for Physics and Society, the rare Jump Drive technology, and a special parade that can greatly boost a planet’s research and drive generation or annihilate the planet, leaving a singular Black Hole in his awakening.

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