Lewis Hamilton would look to buy Manchester United

In recent weeks it was revealed that the Glazer family, owner of the Manchester Utdis willing to sell the teamso they would analyze potential candidates to see who they would leave such an important responsibility with one of the most important teams in soccer history.

According to information from the British newspaper The Mirror, lewis hamilton would have serious intentions of buying the Red Devils. The Formula 1 driver with the Mercedes team would have raised his hand as an investor in an agreement with the chief executive of INEOS (Mercedes sponsor), Jim Ratcliffe.

Hamilton went for Chelsea in 2022

It is not the first time that Lewis Hamilton intends to acquire a professional soccer team. In 2022 he looked for a way to buy Chelsea from the Premier Leaguebut his attempts were unsuccessful and everything remained a wish.

The British pilot is currently co-owner of the NFL’s Denver Broncos and he would return to the lurk in football matters, now with Manchester United. The Glazers have been harshly criticized by the fans of the Red Devils due to the drought of titles in the last decade and a large sector calls game by game for the departure of the American family in charge of the club.

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