Liam Neeson and the pride of Irish names, even if they mispronounce them

The film, television and music industry has its fair share of celebrities with Irish names, or who were directly born in Ireland. Liam Neeson is a proud son of Northern Ireland and, as such, the actor claims that his name, and that of his countrymen, is pronounced correctly.

At 70, Liam Neeson is well known for his work on films such as Schindler’s List, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace or Revengeamong many others.

Normally, his records are somewhat pigeonholed in serious characters who have little time for jokes, although the occasional comedy film has in his career, such as love actually either husbands and wives.

The fact is that, like a good Irishman, Liam Neeson wanted to take advantage of the week in which the Saint Patrick’s dayto vindicate the correct pronunciation of Irish names.

It’s Liam Neeson, aka Leslie Nielsen, aka Ralph Fiennes

Through a sketch broadcast on The Late ShowLiam Neeson takes a look at some Irish names that Americans (and many more) mispronounce.

stars like Saorise Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson, Caitriona Balfe, Cillian Murphy -this is great- Colin Farrell or Kenneth Branaghhave seen how he actor de Venganza defended the correct pronunciation of their names as if they were his kidnapped daughter.

He himself also suffers from this with cases like “lyle nelson” or confusions like Leslie Nielsen or Ralph Fiennes. Liam Neeson asks us not to fall into dirty stereotypes and says goodbye to everyone enjoying some Lucky Charms with his spoon-potato.

The purpose of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day is to pay attention to good old Liam Neeson and pronounce the names of Irish men and women correctly, except for “that absurd Christopher Nolan guy”, you have to set limits.

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