Life is Strange: True Colors in the gameplay trailer – This is how Alex’s empathy ability works

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Life is Strange: True Colors featured a new gameplay trailer at the Square Enix press conference held during E3 2021. In it we experience the abilities of the protagonist, Alex Chen, in action for the first time and see how exactly she perceives, reproduces, and can change the emotions of her fellow human beings in the game.

Life is Strange: True Colors in the gameplay trailer

What skills does Alex have? The “True Colors” protagonist has the ability to empathize and can perceive other people’s emotions in the form of colorful auras. With this gift, she also influences interactions and relationships in the game. Instead, she feels emotions such as grief, fear, and anger from others, and absorbs or even manipulates them.

Alex himself saw her ability as a curse all his life and has therefore always suppressed it. After her brother dies in an alleged accident, she uses her strength to understand what is really behind the accident. With this superpower, players of “Life is Strange: True Colors” are supposed to uncover the secrets of Haven Springs in order to get to the bottom of Alex’s past and at the same time to influence their future.


Alex’s skills in action

What does the gameplay reveal? In the brand new trailer you can see for the first time how we move with Alex through Haven Springs and how we can interact with different characters through our skills. We also get to see a first decision-making situation in which Alex not only has to use her strength , but also has to prove her judgment. You can find all the new information from the trailer here:

  • Empathy-ability is from the outset available
  • Can be used to perceive the feelings and thoughts of different characters
  • Influences your own relationships and those of others
  • Perception of the auras opens up new possibilities for dialogue
  • Emotions can be projected into the environment and thus reveal new details

When will Life is Strange: True Colors be released? The third LiS part will be released on September 10, 2021 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and Google Stadia. Not only will the new offshoot appear for the first time directly as a complete game and not be published in individual episodes on different dates, but also with a German voice output. The list of German dubbing * inside can be found here:




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